Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 2 - Meeting frens day

Today it's a good day...cause meeting up with my frensssss

so wanna wear nice abit..hehe..n try up my new boots *wink*

Random pic of the day..cause I like the background...haha

First were my childhood frens...childhood as in when we were in ours' mom's stomach we also know each other d...hahha...say only we know we know each other anot leh..but mmg childhood frens..cause when we were young we really very close..every day also go each other's house to play...or stay no more d loo...I guess that's life cause when you grow older, u will have more frens n bla bla bla

anyway...we gathered up at Lygon Street to have our mmg those awkward type in I wont be the bubbly cutie or outgoing gal that know how and what to start a topic and talk...but the one who always sit there only...ppl ask me thing only I answer..but ok la..I am trying to improve d

from left to right: bubbly gal (Janice), so call tomboy (Jy Shi), me, Siew Li (the prettiest),mom, Ka Man (gal next door)

I'm the oldest there except my mom...time flies...hai...

we were the one that used to be so close

All wanna hide behind her cause she is the skinniest...haha

After lunch we went to Jy Shuan house (Janice)..chit chat....then at nite me n my bf meeting up my MSF (Multicultural Student Fellowship) frensss...I love them soooo much..I mean...most of my time in Melbourne were with them n I did enjoyed...thanks for everything u all :D

We went to Vietnam restaurant to have dinner

Then we went to eat desserts at San Churro...

I ate..but no taste!! everytime also like fate to taste chocolate..last time also like that

Anyway...we went to cinema later on...but only they watch movie...cause very expensive ler
So we stayed there to teman them to pass time...since also consider last time to meet each other d T.T

Gossip gals cause we gossip everytime we met up...hahaha

so gonna miss u all!! take carezzz :)

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