Saturday, October 25, 2008

very random

since last day in Melbourne was kinda boring cause we just woke up early in the morning then bk so Sg then KL. Really sien of taking pics d so didnt take any in Sg.

I will talk about my hair first. In my previous post, I posted some pics with my short hair, which was my 1st haircut. Now my hair is terrible...I just dont like the style cause look so....stupid. I know...I shouldnt go n do rebonding...but...pai seh...I cant even hold a comb nicely due to I only brush my hair after I wash it (when it's long) want me to blow n curl it in..I admit that I dont have the patient plus I m damn lazy...n for sure cant compare the result that u blow by urself n by the stylist. So I gave up...n these r my pics...

we cam-whored in the sticker photo shop's machine XD

slightly of left


with fren

slightly of the right


Obviously the hair was being my younger bro n such a loser..still need my younger bro help me to style my hair T_T anyway...

Today I only slept 4 hours T_T. Dont know why cant sleep yesterday 'morning', so around 8 only I fall asleep. I guess another reason is because I m addicted to the game I was playing with my nds, it's Princess Debut. Yaya...I know my close frens might feel u also like to play this kind of game? well..I guess I give people not the very girlish gals or princess this princess tat..well..of course no offense..I find those gals r cute..n attractive...guys like ma..where got guys like gals like me..only know how to tease, fight back..or even insult..hahaha..ok la..all were just playin around...not serious one although there was once I fight. Anyway..out of topic d...actually deep down my heart I also girlist wan I guess *blush* I am into this game

But still...I think the main reason I get into this game is because of the cartoon images, and musicsss...I love games with musics...maybe is because I learn music once heard those classic songs that sounds so familiar...will be more excited...n 'flirt' around...hahaha...flirting around with the Princes...n so rich somemore cause the character I am playing is a Princess...since that wont happen in real life also :p

We won in the dancing competition!

A dance after she accept his diamond ring

Then they get marry when they grow older

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