Tuesday, October 21, 2008

day 6 in Melbourne

that day doesnt really have feel cause the next day is my graduation d...so very 'gan jiong' (excited)..so we just walk walk around...dont wan to make ourselve too tired because the next day gotta wake up early in the morning..6! plus gals gotta make up somemore..so ma farn..

so took city circle tram (which is free) to our destination...too bad.I guess we took the 'wrong one' so we only get to our destination after a big round it goes...but its ok la since my parents wanna tour around also

see..their public toilet so public n colorful

then we reach Melbourne central to meet up with my fren...its funny thou..cause we didnt see each other since after 2003, in our secondary school...we didnt meet up in KL but in Melbourne.haha..we went to eat this pancake thing..which is sooo nice..I mean look so delicious...but I guess not ngam me cause I dont have sweet tooth..so I cant finish it

then we went to DFO (Direct Factory outlet) another place that I like to go shopping cause its worth it. N everytime I went there, dunno why sure will take pic at the southern cross station there..hehe

at the train station

this is 1 year ago

too bad cant wear like this in KL..one of the best way to cover the big butt :p

3 to the left n 2 to the right...so we heading to left :p

inside of telstra dome

We decided to walk to docklands cause go back too early will be wasted ler

and because the sunset its soooo beautiful

I still prefer without flash

the view of Dockland

At nite we went to Crown Casino..actually we went there to meet up one of my mom's fren's daughter which living there. But we didnt take any pic cause makan makan in the shop...pai seh to take pic ler...cause outsider is there ma...but later the trip...got her pic cause not so outsider d..hehe...

P.S pics taken on tat day at Crown not nice cause alot also blur, will bou farn in the future post :)

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