Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Melbourne 'Day' 1

I know...its not the first day reach Melb, but is the first 'day'..siang...I spent there mai 1st day loh..haha we went to Victoria market..cause wanted to buy groceries..its expensive la if every day eat outside..imagine 1 person around Aud10, got 4. 1 day 2 meals also like 80...then 80X7 is...Aud560..then AUd560 x 2.8 = RM1680!!! wtf?!?!!
tat's why loh..just on meals wanna spend so much meh..go coles or their homebrand...really worth it wan (although not on everything la) but their thing not bad wan n nice...if u wanna save la.

vOon: SHIT!!
readers: what? why always shit like the shit meh...
vOon: (so excited)...see!! got shit...hahahahaha
vOon: whose shit is that ohh...why dont they pick up wan..or is there anyone will pick it
up..someone cleaner (does that how we call them? anyway)

shit: damn...must we be here n let others humilate? what a shame man...luckly our owner doesnt eat meat..if not...u people are in trouble!

Horses coming

vOon: OHH!! its the damn horse punya shit la!

shit: they are...but no shit on me man! nooooo

horse rider (right): mom...there's shit infront of us. It is still there, I dunno how to face the
people around. They are looking at us and trying to blame us cause letting the horse to shit there.

horse rider (left): no worries son, just act like nothing happen. Just wave :)

Wave while they la..hahahaha...I add myself wan :p

vOon: OMGGG...what if the tram come? what if the tram crash the shit..then the shit will fly all

bf: ......

- fin -

Ok..done of bull shitting. Back to my reality life again :p omg...the bathroom so damn hard to find in victoria market. I know, I shud know where izit cause I've been there for so many times d, but...well..this is the first time I went to their bathroom.

See...quite similiar with Sydney's Paddy's market rite

Actually when we jalan jalan that time quite late d...after is like around 2pm like that. But I think it's the rite time, cause they discount the prices due to the freshness n they dont keep unfresh food then sell it another day. So alot of things we
bought also quite worth it geh. Like this butcher place, we bought half KG each of pork n beef mince, is only like Aud6?

We did went to the sayur place also, but didnt take pic la..sien d...haha

Done 'shopping'

We went to Melbourne Central's coles to buy others groceries like spaghetti (Aud 0.59), spaghetti sauce n some snacks.

Then we stayed here for awhile cause I wan to show them the clock. The clock will come out those dolls n bla bla bla

At that time I only get to see abit cause I went to bought first time drinking only although stay there so long d also never try this time consider last time in Melbourne..die die also must try..haha

You can see this video which I taken earlier during year of diff wan la

Then we cook spaghetti!! Must cook la, the kitchen so nice and provided everything that you will need in the kitchen...

I not acting only hor...cause my dad cooked with only the mushroom Of course I cant tahan wat..I mean..where got taste like I cooked with the red sauce in...

tadaaa!! Ok...I know it doenst really look nice..cause no light..gotta improve on that :p

We went to see the gym,pool n spa as u can see there. Then I went in, ok la..the gym only got 2 guys...used to saw alot in celebrity fitness so is ok. But then when we went to the pool...OMGG!! I saw bunch of guys were there..then they looked at us...I blush!! wuahahha...I also dunno why..maybe suddenly saw so many guys without their shirt on..really pai seh man...

Their facilities not that many la, so very fast we finish touring d...then in the apartment nothing to started to cam-whore

So long time no cam-whore myself like this d...acting cute till extreme..hahahaha...bear with it loh :p people say act like 1 look like 1..this is one of the way to keep yourself looks younger..I mean not ask u to do it all the time...u think like 1, act like 1 then u will be like 1..hehe

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