Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My graduation!! hip hip hooray!

yay!! at last this day has come..n this post has come as well...hehe

what an early morning we gotta wake up...5.45am I woke up...cause we gotta reach southern cross stationt at 6.56am...n of course we reached there on time..or even half hour earlier...but syahid (my fren) was late..but he's so damn lucky cause he get to get into the train rite before the train goes!

at last I get to take some pics here

outside the train

sadnya...I cant sleep although I'm so sleepy...then wanna enjoy the scenary outside also cannot because....(see pic below)


cant blame thou, cause Geelong is out of the taking train, we gotta take about 1 hour to reach there...sounds fast rite..cause its a train wat

At last we reached our uni - Deakin!

Inside the Uni

ooo...same length

kinda weird thou..holding hand like n take pic...haha

it is so big diff with the Uni I studying in Burwood...

P.S will hve a post later n pics in my Uni trip :)

some funny sign boards to encourage students

registering ourselves to get our gown

pai seh...I just dont know why I cant pose properly..I mean 'formally', eventhou I'm have some formal or serious stuff one me..haha

my dad said I look like kindergarden graduator than a Uni T.T

Ok..lets hop to the main usual...graduation are boring..especially this one...because I have no frens beside me la..all strangers sitting with stranger..not like my diploma graduation..sit with frens, then can cam-whore can talk

Diploma graduation pics

Ok..I guess 2 is enuff since this is not diploma graduation also...just ...I miss those days...hehe

Well...there's something embarrasing happened on me...since not many frens rite...of course you can only look for your family that sitting at the once I go on the stage...I look for them

this pic is before anything starts

so...I think there is around 8 of us will be standing on the stage for a while...wait till the 8th person to get their cert..we stand there for 1-3seconds for them to applause (cause I think is not to applause or make any noise when the professor is handling the cert to the graduators)

this is the pic when I saw people I know..of course excited....but then I did something so malu
when the gal infront of me ciao d...I STILL LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!! OMG!!!! so embarrasing laaaa... (see pic below)

SEE!!!! she ciao d..I think I stayed there for like 1.5-2 seconds...I think when I ciao tat time..I heard ppl giggling :( damn

I dont care...dont wanna talk about malu things time!! XD

I thought at last I can get flowers on my graduation...but...omg..they DID NOT SELL FLOWERS!! can...I mean...I really never see this kind of situation before loh..I mean I never see any graduation that does not sell flowers!! FINE!

with daddy

with mummy

with frens..n just only they were there...haha

ok...I know why I look like underage...

I was waiting for this moment


but too bad...cause throwing alone only..I got few other pics were with my frens..he havent send me :(

nvm la...forget it..its a happy day :)

 comes more serious pics...I can 'pose' formerly wan ok..hehe

hm....look older with frindge putting behind

haha...I think she despserate to wear that :p

thanks for being there for me...n u didnt break ur promise of saying that u will attend my degree graduation..hehe

die die also wan to have some self shot

so nice...the sea is just opposite the uni

We ciao after had lunch awhile at n my bf have our own gathering with we went to have dinner with our frens..but before that we went to take sticker photos

This bunch consider my favorite bunch after taken so many KL those no props wan

dont ask me wat's have been censor.. :p

Then we seperate to go have our own dinner

Me and my HK fren Jacky went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant...the food was soooo nice...its OX tounge..but taste like beef...n it looks like beef...then we went to eat desserts...pancake again..but this time was so much nicer..maybe its because I asked them to make it without the cream...n I ordered the blueberry flavour this not so sweet.....but pai seh I forgot wat's the name...but its near Melbourne centreal...its a chinese restaurant but look like modern chinese restaurant

This is one of my fren that knew from MSF as well...I think so far one hk fren for the longest time..hahaha..wat 2 do..I anti-social wan (used to be)..hehe...thanks to him too cause he helped me alot also to past time in Melbourne..altot didnt meet much la..haha

overall is still a nice day although the graduation quite boring...cause...its really boring ma...anyway... :p

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