Monday, October 06, 2008

Sydney Day 1

LOVELIESSSS!!! I AM is soooo good to be home...after been in melb & syd for 2 weeks..well...not say I dont enjoy la since its a holiday..but take pics take tillsiend..imagine 14 days take pics the last day in Sg I also didnttake pic d...of myself I mean..haha

how was the flight..its suckssss...okla..I mean..wan to save mah (saved around 1k for flight tickets) so was no
t direct flight loh...msia take 5 hours bus to Sg..Sg-Darwin..Darwin- Melbthen melb to is like
more than 1 day..seriously exhausted lohh...anyway...I did enjoyed looking
at the sky at nite n decided to have an article on tat on some other post :p

can u bliv this is the desert in Australia? well...dun judge me or dad was the one who said tat...n I admit that my geografi sux...haha

when we reach Sydney was around 5 something we had rest..n walk walk nearby

Sydney Day 1 - Sydney Opera House + Bondi Beach = SICKNESS

love da weather!! havin coffee at the balcony

take take pics outside the hotel

kesian...looking at the bridge alone :p

who cares..take pic with it 1st...wuahah

of course not only the bridge la...its Sydney Opera House!!

at last get to take pics with it...not seeing it on magazines/books

they said the marbles is to reflect the lights of the sky

my sunglass also taking part..hahaha

As tour the opera house's halls

I STRONGLY recommend that if u get to go there...u must join the tour to see the concert halls..its really worth it and its interesting...and of course due to the copyright...we cant take those pics of the concert halls but the foyer n this...I dunno what they call d..haha..but anyway...its a very nice view to take pics...u can even have ur wedding ceremony there..

guess what..this is the bathroom in the opera house...they did spent effort on the design according to the info from the host

After hang out around the Opera House for like...3 hours (?)...we went to QVB (Queen Victoria Building) we didnt stay too long there cause me and my bf planned to rush to Bondi beach (which is in our plan)
My parents didnt want to join us (long story) n its because it is too cold...better still..we can 'rush'...

On the way to QVB, saw this mac shop...hugenyaaa...dont think so in KL will like this loh

guess what else I saw?!?!


So sad to say this aus trip...I DIDNT EAT ANY KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT!!! T_T

my dad have a special 'gam qing' with this building...somehow it link with the place he worked long time ago...this building was actually owned by an Ipoh-ian. (more pics will be show in day 3)

On the way to Bondi beach...I saw this cutie in the bus..hehe

I know its weird to wear jeans there...but dude..I'm not the only one..and its cold...pui fuk those wear bikini n swimsuites wan *salute*

had late late lunch at Bondi beach

I think this is the thing that cause me into sickness the next day

its fried mars..u know the mars bar...then fried fren intro wan..only 1 shop there got this service..n its nice...

At nite we walked around Darling Harbour...

a nice self shot pic to end for day 1 :)


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