Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sydney Day 3 ?! wat the???

ya...cause I fall sick on day 2..cant even walk sleep like the whole day..which mean wasted d :( sienzzz.... 3...I actually also still pening geh...but cannot waste d cause sacrifice blue mountain already :(
day again..kinda sien...but ok la..went to OZ trek. We went to china town first (my daddy's favourite place in both melb n sydney..just because he love chinese foods) eat eat breakfast (OMG I ATE breakfast..hahaha)

after breakfast..we went to paddy's market...which actually very similiar with melb's victoria market.

I like this kinda market cause they sell things cheaper wat..haha.especially souvenirs. So is more like a market for tourists...but also locals will go there to buy sayur-sayur or fruits...

After that, we went to Queen Victoria Building. Cause on the 1st day we just 'passby' only..this time really go walk walk n take some nicer pics.

I really love this nice

Remember in the previous post, I said that I will post the clock's pic on day 3 post. it is...

see the ship there..its the seconds the ship actually goes around the big clock

I did mention in the previous post that my daddy got some sort of relationship with QVB cause the very 1st owner of this building is belong to an Ipoh-ian geh...see the words there 'Ipoh Limited' its actually the company's name..not they cin cai put a name that same words with one of Msia's state.

Not wasting much time in QVB, we headed to OZ trek = Sydney Tower. I wanted to try the sky walk but total is 60something money la..convert d is like almost RM200 d. So just go for the tower loh.

Actually the tower very small although we tried to spend much time there also cannot. The worst thing is, I wanted to buy key chain as souvenir ma cause I mmg got collect wan..mana tau....DONT HAVE LOHHH. I can oh..key chain is a very typical souvenir for tourist to keep wan ma. Then kinda disappoint their bathroom also. Cause I thought will be not bad geh, but no loh...very normal only. I think is even lower than my expectation towards this kind of place. But the view nice la, but too bad only can see a very small part of the Sydney Opera house because kena block by other buildings

In the bathroom..I not posing ok...just so ngam like tat only

Then we go to Darling Harbour loh..quite windy but yet many pics can see the eyes cannot open like of course not posting those pics la :p

By this pic I only notice how big is the handbag..haha

Ok...I know why people like to call me soh poh loh cause I always do this kinda thing T_T...but sad to say I not really soh...hahaha

Along the way, we went to Star City (casino). But before we enter the casino, there is a park there also with a lake nearby. So of course would not miss it to take pics there...hehe

Then outside the casino

Well, I reckon gals that have size like me..I mean smaller size wan, not too tall...n got baby fat or baby face or watsoever...or is around early or even mid 20s, get ur passport or IC ready before u enter the casino. Cause mostly they will think that u r underage. Its normal, cause asian mmg look younger compare with their people there. Or I should say ang mo. But of course there are exception la.

No need say loh, of course taking pictures in the casino is prohibited. So of course no casino pics to show.

When we leaving the casino, there was a dancing show going on. The name of 'this' group called Pussycat Diva..or something like that la. So obviously they going to sing PCD's songs. Not to say immitate cause none of them look like any of PCD gals. But they sang like them, I mean even much better..i mean the lead singer in PCD la (ok I know I will tak zui alot of ppl by saying tat) BUT...this gals dancing cannot compare with PCD la for sure. But the gal on the rite in the pic. OMG...I mean I'm a gal I also kena attracts by her. Based on I kap lui so much, this gal..ehehe...choi..dont worry I'm not lesbian or wat...but this gal is really someone that I really will jealous of. Like..yer why I can be like her..see...her body is just nice..not too skinny not too fat. The look...can be shy n innocent but yet sexy n wild. u name it, watever u wan on a gal..but I mean physical la of the hell I know what kind of person she is..hahaha

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