Monday, October 20, 2008

Philip Island here I come!!! this coincidence or I really got fate with penguin? I just won 2 tickets from Cindy about the madagascar movie, the answer from me was penguin, then rite after that post...mean this post la...its about penguin also...hehe

anyway...Philip Island..I reckon is a must go place if u go to Melbourne...BUT..I reckon if urself...cause they have sooo many nice places that u can spend time there..but because I followed the tour...I really not sacrifice with their schedule (the agent is near china town )

It takes around 2 hours to reach Philip Island from Melbourne. First station, we reached a small small zoo, with most of the Australia's famous animal like kangaroo, koala bears n WOMBAT..yea..wombat is my new pet..haha...I love it cause it's so cute...but it bites..we only knew that when we reached the zoo.

faking the short hair thingy again..haha..cause wearing turtle neck shirt wert :p

Its the wombat!

So many koalas I saw...eventhough I've been to Melbourne zoo..I think I only than 3?'s de 1st one

2nd one...according to 'general knowledge'...Koala bears sleep 20 hours a mostly u will see koalas are sleeping

3rd one...sleeping also..with another small one inside the is the 4th wan

BUT...see this..

its not sleeping!! n it's looking at the camera..hahaha

ohya ohya...still got 1 more not sleeping...

LOL!! :p

ohyea..just now were already 2 places, cause zoo is one, another one is more like a koala park...
so the next station we went to this amazing place..but I dunno wats the name of the place...and its toooooo bad...we only can stay there for 15 minutes at such an amazing place

the sun, the sky, the sea n the green...amazing nature create by God

This is the place...that we only can stay for 15 minutes..which should at least spend minimum half an hour cause the place is not that IF u r lucky...u can even see penguin down under the woods/bridge that the human r walking because their house are there

then this is the place we can only stay for...5 minutes...

Then is penguin time!

The stairs there are the place for human to sit...then watch the penguin come up from the sea...

see the face of my jahat rite...but I still think he's really a joker...even ang mo laff like hell

he said: see...follow the eat penguin (cause got the utensil and the peguin there)

omgggg...seriously..I so pui fuk my dad...usually he is so quiet..but everytime he make a joke really can make u laff till u fall...until now I look at the pic I still laff

okok..enuff of that..too bad I cant keep the must take a pic firsrt :)

hm...which one should I choose? hehehe

*u will understand if u got follow my posts...hehe

see the sand thing there...and a small wood box...tat's penguins' house

Well...we actually not suppose to take pics in there...but I saw alot..included myself..haha..take pics..but the main point is actually DO NOT USE if u cant use flash..cause penguin only wil come up whe the sky is dark...but u hardly can take the penguin by not using flash...BUT I saying this is not because I think we should use flash to asking people not to..IT DOES AFFECT THEM...dont say flash..just the camera light they also kena affect...

example...when we walking back along the road to the shop...there's penguins houses along the way...we saw alot of penguin couple making *ahem ahem* love...which quite loud..then someone is trying to take the picture...suddenly we saw the green light (from the camera) spotting on them...the penguins straight stop doin it...tat's does affect...if u seriously wanna take (curi-curi la)..most of the camera will have lights, half press ur camera button first and hold it (which also the button to press when u wanna focus the subject)...depends on the camera u using...wait till the light goes off...then only press down the button.. pics to show d loo since cannot take pic...but this is the video we try to take..its very dark...the shimmering thing tat's moving are the penguins...but fyi...dont think so u can get the picture by looking at it..cause its total dark :p


EVo said...

Long hair nicer. but too common..

Short hair looks good on u too. if u cut it bob style it'll b even classier =)

vOon said...

I think every gal looks good on long hair..haha..ohya..this is not the real short hair ler..u know rite...bob style oso quite common nowadays is like no diff with keeping it long :p