Monday, October 13, 2008

I wanna get outta here!!

what the hell is happening now...izit wrong that I have this be with my family while they are still here...grandma...can u please lead the way for me

because of you..I learnt n still trying to be with my family while they are still here...because of that...I didnt even dare to think about working overseas...and because of that...eventhough Taiwan or Hong Kong is the best place for my scrip writing future...I only can search for those jobs and only put in my dreams..and the forget it

but allthese doesnt pay why the hell I am suffering myself at home...doesnt have job YET not mean I must help the house do all the things...well...the best way not to let ppl said u didnt do anything althought u to go out often..just like my they have no time or no chance to ask u to do something so that they wont blame u that u didnt do any

I fucking hate when I did something and u said I didnt do...hell yea 'ji jiang fa' (trying to use the opposite way to attack u so u will be more semangat after what they said u r not) that is useless at me....totally useless...if u say i m like tat...then I will do it like tat...well yea..I m lazy...bitches old ladies that only know how to play mahjong n gamble are very hardworking cause they do play mahjong then rush back to do housework...SSOOO IMPRESSIVE...well oh well..then old ladies can say I m lazy...then I am n I worries

really feel like fucking get out from this house...maybe being not selfish to hope to work overseas and stay in this family to spend time with them while they are here are totally a wrong decision at first.

grandma I miss u...lucky u that no need to be here


Rokit said...

Hello dear friend,

I'm Rokit, or Alex, and willing to make friends with you if you don't mind:

Anyways, I hope you don't mind me coming here and reading some of your post. Sometimes it gets boring back at my blog.

Looks like you are going through hard times at home. So you are forced to do all this work when you just want to have fun and explore other communities and work on your career? I'm sure your grandma is there every step of the way to guide you and be there. Just be strong.

Script Writing? Like for films or what kind of script writing are you planning to do? I'm into film direction with movies.


vOon said...

well..not mean that I wanna have fun..I dont mind doin it..which I did...but its kinda awful when u did but they dont think so or appreciate it...being close with my famly is becoz after my grandma left..I think we shud spend more time with our family while they are here...most pissed me off is those old ladies that only know how to gossip n bitch judge me by only today or watsoever

yeap...for films or watever kind of script except horror i guess :) I do write some articles too...u can read my previous posts by knowing my style..

well..i dun mind u visits of coz..hope it doesnt bored u :)

Rokit said...

I know what you mean about having gossiping aunts....Those can be misleading at times.

I'll look into your style of scripts and it's great you are into the film stuff too, especially horror.

vOon said...

oopss..I think u misunderstood..haha...I'm into writing anything except horror..cause I will have trauma I guess..haha

Rokit said...

Oh ok, sorry. lol No horror. >>