Sunday, October 19, 2008

new hair style *wink*

I cut my hair d..wuahaha...

well..if u ask me that do I miss my hair...I will say yes...if u ask me did I feel regret..I will say no...I love my hair!! least got some style..I'm boring with my new hair d

the only thing I dont like is...I hardly comb...should say I only comb my hair when I wash my I need to blow really a challenge for me...

so..I'm going to have rebonding tml..cause I've planned 2 cut it shorter no time to do it...hai..gonna waste money again T.T thought can go with this hairstyle geh...mana tau...but overall I like to be short hair I guess..hehehe

almost waist d..always the length tat I cant pass..haha

sien kan...

went to take sticker photo...hehe

then take take pics with new hairstyle

cause dunno can last how long :p


jadezheng said...

hey gurl! just droppin by to let u know that i WANNA GIVE YOU TICKETSS!!! hahaha... & good hair cut u got there! now we both have short hair hi5 hi5~ hahaha... pls gimme your email by emailing me at

c ya!!! ^^

vOon said...

hehe..thanks for the compliment!! n hi5!!