Saturday, October 18, 2008

Madagascar - Escape to Africa

woo hooo...its weird thou I post twice in a day (actually its not weird la cause did before..haha) point for this post u remember Madagascar? *I like to move it move it*...hahaha..yeaaaa..well it is one of my favorite cartoon ever n I laff like hell...okok..back to the point..pai seh

Cindy is giving away 15 pairs of tickets to watch Madagascar (Part 2) - Escape to Africa..You have to write about what animal you want your partner to be......on bed!

Hm...what would I choose...I will choose....penguin? cause in that show the penguin r so cool but yet so cute..n it know to handle the situation...hahahahaha

Click on this link -

my favorite line from the penguin: " Just wave." hahahaXD

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EVo said...

Heyyy voon!just saw ur one of the ticket winners..i'll b there too. c u ok.and if u see me..remember to 'just wave' hehe! =)