Friday, October 10, 2008

Bye bye Sydney, Hello Melbourne

雯のtripsIt is just early in the morning, some accidents has happened.

Loreal: OMG!! shud we be happy or what? this time got so many frens teman us woh, we all
come out together gether.

vOon: SHITTT!!!!

Loreal: Eh..seems like we got new frens color but not same country woh

vOon: why like that wan!!! wasted so much...I thought can use it for long time wan the
usage of I think..3 months gone T_T

Red Earth: Still dare to say. Hai...supposingly we are not hard to tumpah wan ma based on our
body, like that also kena...beh tahan

vOon: Nvm...this thing so thick..can use the upper part that didnt kena the table wan, dont
waste(kiam siap punya attitude come out d)

Maybelline: Wait wait wait..nooo!!!

vOon: Damn itttt!! whats happening oh today

Red Earth: Stupid mascara, why u come bang me. my boyfriends stick to u d loh

Loreal: Dont worry la...u still got us ma. See see...the boyfriends leave mascara d wat

I'm wiping the mascara cover ma..duhh

Then Loreal and Red Earth 'leave' happily ever after...cause I use 1 tissue paper to wipe them together...wuahah

- End -

Back to the is the last day in Sydney d...sad...we waiting for the shuttle bus to fetch us to airport. So we go out jalan-jalan n take a take a picture

nearby the hotel..there's a small park..n others

love the sunlight with the wind

see...the like so dreamy...or morning punya sunlight mmg like this so I didnt get to know..haha

if got pro cam now then good loh..haha

sien d...keep on take pics...

eh...I'm not posing on this k..I'm playing my mario...see the face so focus also know d..haha

So after those lap lap zap zap things..we reached the airport..alot of ppl eh..on domestic flights la..I like this self check in thing cause it make things faster.

Post this pic cause seldom see my dad smile till so cute..haha

After 1hour+ we reached Melb. We took the shuttle bus this time..shud I say shuttle car? It's few more dollars than in Sydney wan. BUT...see what car we took at that time..hahaha..cause previos time just a normal suddenly take so nice wan..felt so weird..haha

The serviced apartment...really nice la which I expected d cause last time my fren's mom stay in this apartment before..which is Punt Hill. I think consider my first time stay punya accomandation la..I mean quite excited...haha..

Actually this pic I was dancing..that's why my bf took this down..too bad looo its not a video..haha

At nite we rest rest after a walk outside..then we saw nice man the view from our place...

Can figure out how this pic was taken?

I'm posing actually...haha

Now can figure it how the pic just now was taken?

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