Monday, June 09, 2008

differences between guys n gals in&after love

I think I understand that why people said couples have opposite different personalities only can match each others, because like that they only can help to 'replace' each others' personalities. But I think no need loh, cause based on the character of a guy n a gal is opposite d wat. I have to accept the fact that no matter on behavior, thoughts, guys n gals also opposite wan (in general)

Based on the graph I drew. well..I not simply draw wan ok. It is based on the experience of myself, my frens or far distance frens..even strangers. Of course loh, not every one also have this kind of experience based on your pesonality, or you consider lucky loh. But I think this is based on general la. Or even can be like the guy is in the gal's situation (in the graph)

Still I will explain the graph. When guys cant forget the gal, well...the 1st impression. Usually if you notice this person its kinda hard to not think bout her in ur mind, but at this time gals r usually still being the cool one (gals wat, traditionally gotta be abit矜持), n see see whether this is my type of guy anot. [2] When guys starting to woo, gals will allow the guys to know more bout her (or each other). So if she rejects u d, then I think dont waste time d loh (but some situation diff la, who knows that gal wan u to try few more times)

So, now the guy think he got chance d, of course 'fan san' (put whole attention) to woo her la. But gals still need abit of times. Yea, some gals like guys r aggresive, but u guys should know which kind of aggresive to have loh based on that gal. Will let the guy get closer, maybe like hang out more with him n stuff...but still..not everytime cause still have to keep abit of distance.

Then the gal thinks,hm...this guy not bad. Ok la, now only show the guy that the gal also likes him (but not fully yet). Then the guy will think, now I got such a big chance, of course I wont give up at this time la. I also havent get it, how can give up oh!! Well...I guess the flirting is the only part that both will think the same, in chinese we have a beautiful term for it, which is 暧昧。暧昧is the most beautiful moment to have but also the most dangerous cause is the stage cant describe. You will agree with my if u been thru that before. Ok la, so since it is so nice to have loh, mai let it be loh..can tahan how long then be how long. Of course some will want to become couple because like that only got the identity ma.

Ok, so the gal accept d loh, the guy success d. Then the gal will think, ok la, since I accept u d, I can not to worry to like you more. But too bad, because the guy are 'walking too fast', he already shown his love when he start woo until flirting, he already gave alot. So when the gal thinks that whether should 'love' this guy anot. for sure she will, cause at this time the guy still will do everything she wants, to get what he wants (well, whatever la, how I know what every guys want)

So, that la. The guy got what he wants d wat when the gal really love him d. Habis loh, cause the guy already got what he wants, of course ciao loh. But the gal already love him sooo much, so she wants to be more close n stick to him. But at this time the guy want to keep a distance, so he starting to treat her cool, or avoid her. See who cannot tahan to say break up loh. After break up, of course relax loh, spend so much energy n time for u d rite, now gotta rest abit 1st. Unfortunately, how far the gal trying to avoid, she also cant let go and forget.


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