Wednesday, June 11, 2008!!

this 2 days so tired coz went to city...n kinda lazy to blog the internet getting slow again this few days..but very suddenly back to faster speed d

anyway..yea..this 2 days went to city with syahid.1st day we went to those souvenir shops to get some stuff loh..then at nite we kena persuade by a woman to have dinner at that restaurant at Lygon Street. But is ok la coz the food very nice..ohyea..its Itallian food...niceeee...hehe

after a while..we took pic in the tram again..hehe


outside ACMI

Inside ACMI. This is the place where they call it Memory Grid, u can sit there and there are alot of short movies for u to choose...too bad we didnt get to watch

wat kind of face is tat?

weEeeEE~~ drinking hot chocolate n eaten my doughnuts, then got tons of Krispy Kreme doughnuts as my background..wuahaha

Garlic bread is my all time fav..but not the bread many tomatoes!! I think is my first time eaten so many raw tomatoes (actually I think just 5 small wan la..haha)

Ohya, the small cup thing bside there..yea I know look like got candle inside, I also tot so. But then I accidentally saw wat's inside, its fake wan loh, is light only.

At Little Lygon...their special dish.. Chicken n Mushroom pasta...if u like the taste of creamy but u dun like too much gravy..this is a good choice..coz usually creamy taste kinda thing make u feel very 'lau', but this kinda fresh

the Marinara pizza is superb!! A seafood lover like me should eat this, the prawn n watever is on there, the taste is just soooo nice.

then today we went to DFO..not the spencer street wan, the one in Essendon..OMG..its really quite far la..but is bigger lohh...but if u ask me to by public transport again I dont think I will wan to go la..haha...but its quite worth it..I mean for those people who staying Melb for permanent wan, there got alot of factory those stuff kinda cheap

see...the sky so nice rite
so san fu only get here...of coz must take pic for memory la..maybe once in a life time only..haha

RANDOM: I notice the mouse/notepad I bought, the design is same like my blog wan woh, hahah


DroopY said...

feeling sad for uh, not for me though, am still here in mlbrne :).

Its great to go thru ur blog cos today i get to know about the places n food. i will definitely try the chicken mushroom pasta - it looks yummm n garlic bread too. n yeah, that mario thing - i think its close to fed square is it?

anyway, uh shud have told me, i wud have gone too n i havnt visitd many places. anyway, last day b4 uh leave ozland, ENJOY LA :D ... n if u happen to go to such interesting place in future then lemme know .... il come to malaysia :D. take care n god bless

vOon said... need feel sad for me coz i looking foward to go back...hehehe

yea..the mario thing is near the fed square.

ohya..if u really go tat place, u can try those gelato there as well

wow...u know how 2 use la d..haha
u too take care :)