Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm missing Melbourne already!!

At first thought wanna do my philosphy journals first cause got few to go (so lazy!!) but blogging before 12am really bothers me...n keep bugging me..so I post it now then I can focus to read m stuff n do the journals.
ohyea.....help me!! something wrong with me...haha...nah...I just find it so weird that I realize I'm gonna miss and I'm missing Australia already!! its weird cause I thought I always want to go back as soon as possible..but maybe is the reason that this time go back wont come back here d (if get to graduate la) awwww....I'm so gonna miss the weather, so cold but not too cold...then walking alone from uni back to home which is not too short but not too long as well..listen to couple of songs like Michael Buble's stardust, 林宇中's 失恋学 etc...then if is at home...will turn on the radio that is always on Golden days radio station, with those blues, swings, jazz, oldies songs which Msia hardly have on radio stations. n the most!! sitting at the chair in the backyard,listening to Norah Jone's Dont Know why, Nat king Cole's unforgetable (duet with Natalie Cole) watching the sky!! where the place I saw shooting star...

always...whenever I'm in those situations mentioned earlier, no matter how bad is my mood or sad, stress or whatever...all will be just gone...that easy (really not that easy la but at least it helps me alot d)

well...human are like that ler..wont satisfy with what they have but missing with what they don't have or not going to have. BUT...not say I dont like Msia ok, I consider patriotic d...n I AM looking foward to go back..wuahaha
P.S while looking at the pics, imagine when the sky is dark, then the weather is like autumn but going to be winter soon (people who didnt experience before..imagine with ur aircond that is 16 degrees then then....seriously...ok la..dont want force u people to listen to those blues or jazz songs..but Michael Buble, Norah Jones and Nat King Cole is quite famous and have unique voice...try to listen any of those songs I mention while imagining it (with those pics)...very nice one..hehe

~some random pics...just wanna show the place I
start walking from in Uni~

~the cool and temporary not so cold tunnel~

~ Out of the tunnel but up the 'hill'
~ I know these 2 pics are blur la but it was taken while I was
walking, cause dont want let people notice that I taking
pics...people thought I crazy..haha..But I like the effects
~see...just the pic also got the mood d...I bet I will
miss it again when I read back this post and saw
this pic when I back in Msia~
~ My white radio..hehe. Ok..11.11pm means that someone is missing you..so 'you' ah..curi-curi reading my blog n didnt tell me, then missing me one..come confess to me..hahahaha...I saw it quite often here * raises eye brows * XD


Anonymous said...

yo..First comment on ur blog?hehe..this girl voon ar..although don't know her very well..but i know that she can sing.and has great voice.don't ask me why,cuz i knew it.But she never admits it.haha..anyway..All the best!! ^_^


DroopY said...

haha ... voon missin australia, i cant believe it. sowie jas kiddin la.
I appreciate how u feel,how uh have written and i totally understand this euphoria. Peace n God bless.