Monday, June 02, 2008

day trip to the city on our own

okok..I know is weird because I create a new post just few hours after I made my previous post...cause tml whole day will be in Uni...n yea...can be until midnight loh that final screening cause so many now i post first loh..hehe

well...this post also nothing much more on pics...but those pics is not on the same day...but I just wanna put it in 1 post cause next time also dont know got chance anot...
those place we went..almost same la..but this time got Crown (casino). I mean outside la of course...ohyea..can sort of seperate it to trip to city with the guys and the for this time I post it with those guys first cause less pics and its before my trip with Diyana mah...
Here it goes...

~ in the tram with Syahid~

~ St. Kilda Beach ~

~ I wish I can show the original pic, haha ~

~ The park opposite Crown~

~They asked me to sit on the grass like those ang

~ So here come the doggyyyyy!! ~

Bo I miss you again...

~ Outside crown. Ice cream sponsor by Alvin
cause he won some...hehe~

There are more pics want especially with them, but in another hard drive..lazy to transfer at this time time loo

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