Thursday, June 12, 2008

gals day/nite out

I hate to do this but I have without putting the pics..I mean I cant find my cable to transfer my pics out from the camera :( went out with Di...sort of like the 'last time' la before I leave, haha. Went to boxhill cause go cancel all those account things ma...then shopping again..haha...n then...bought the same thing again..hahaha...aiyo...I loveeee tat kind of style ma, plus in KL also dunno got anot...will post up the pics la maybe tomorrow or the day (days)after...hehe...

so after that..went to K-mart. then we playing with those deodrant..hahahahah..coz wanna know which wan to buy ma...but the effect so geng...coz after we get out from K-mart, I can smell those smells on me..hahahah..althought I just sprayed the vanilla wan one my sweater, but I smells others. Now I still can smell loh..hahaha...niceeee

Then we went to eat hungry jacks...n I was really hungry at tat ordered the spicy chicken set...but...not spicy at like...sure anot got put any spices recommended for those people thought to order that if they like spicy food

took some pics while waiting the bus

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