Friday, June 27, 2008

what a happening & 'jet so' day

See...I said before wert, very hard to post it on the same day one if get to hang out with friends, plus today was so happening, eat our dinner at 10pm somemore..haha...well...this is how's the day went

me n yen went first cause we wanna buy some cosmetics. So we reach there around 6 like that, we went to Sasa, Watson, Guardian...end up didnt buy anything..hahaha. So we went to the Sunsilk events thing. I really pui fuk those promoters there, they persuade n promote till...really like got comision loh, but actually they dont have. At first I was thinking want to buy the treatment thing anot cause I scared I lazy to do. So if Yen buy I buy also loh..end up she bought some I bought tat wan. N if buy more than RM39.90, can have free make over (make up and hair do), free 1 photo n diary book. Cause Yen bought more stuff wat, so of course let her be the one who do the make over. Then later Y.C get to join in...based on someone there give us 'jet so', later I also got some jet so...from the same person..really thanks to him alot..hahaha

then the nicest n funniest part is that, we (me, yen, y.c n mei lee) get to take pics together cause we ask the photographer whether can anot, they dont mind also. End up we all so fren with them, hahaha..those make up artists also. When I was waiting for yen to do her make up, one of the make up artist said : " your dress like nurse uniform leh" then I said: "owe the hat", she said: "huh, u really a nurse ah?", then I said: "of coz no la, haha" cute la them
so we stayed there from like 6pm till alost 10pm loh, haha..cause we wait them to help other customers take photo, they only can get those photos to the yen's hard drive. So after we finish, we go take sticker photos. Then only we go MC.D have our dinner, n talk bout our cycling trip this sunday.

oh yea...please support us woh..I mean this sunday will start our production, start our first shooting, but is trial wan la. But I will have to edit then only can watch, so maybe sunday will post some pics first, few days later only post the video. Zing Qing Qi Dai.

the rainbow is actually our logo for our production..hehe

act like fishes, but end up cannot see the fishes behind but a cute loh the shit

pics that taken by the photographer..thanks to him that allow us to give us abit extra time that we can take extra pics :p
ok...I showing peace as well ok, but my hair covered the 2nd finger d, so is like showing middle finger..hahaha

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