Saturday, June 21, 2008


hehe...after back to Msia, kinda lazy to blog d...maybe got alot of other stuff can do gua, like watch tv, play piano, go shopping mall until 10pm only back home, then anytime can play with my 'bou bui' (precious) doggy

this whole week went out quite often...hehe...firstly was went to the BBQ plaza with my frens loh (which already talked about).
wore this outfit on that not me..haha..but I kinda like it la, diff style loh...

make up got slightly diff with the one above, which wan suites me more leh? But above that make up makes my eyes look bigger n longer loh, wat to do, my eyes small ma..haha

PS If you're a guy, forget it about the slightly diff of
make up :p

love it love it love it. I mean my dress. A lot of people wear like this la in OZ but not here, so got people look at me like I'm from mars like that. Come on, faster become a fashion here, so when there is alot of people wear something like this, I no need kena look at 1 kind d...haha. Maybe they thought I didnt wear anything inside which I DO. People here wear with tights, but I sensitive ma, so wear with shorts loh.

So just now went to Old Asia restaurant (1utama). I used to love that place soooo much, will always be the top in my list for having meals, but I think not anymore. Last time I can be there like twice a week, just to eat their japanese fried rice and the fried udon with soya sauce (last time they named it japanese fried udon) twice d I back from OZ, I also will want to go there, the last time (October 07) I back here, I went to eat, and yes it is still nice, but not for this time.

Lets talk about the rice first. Why it is nice, is because firstly, the portion is quite big...hahahaha...ngam me this kind of big eater XD. Ok, then is the rice, I dont know whether they use leftover rice or what la cause if use leftover rice to fried, then the rice is like not 'yat gao yat gao' wan (not stick together like u just cook the rice but it is not totally cooked yet that kind), is the right way to fried rice la, I mean use leftover rice, so I dont mind about that. Then the 3rd thing is, other than the taste they use (which is what I dont know la, if I know I no need go there n eat d), they also have 'wok hei' (the taste of the wok). I dont know how to explain la if you guys dont know what is 'wok hei' means. Is like the taste that is from the tools you use to cook your food (I think only 'wok' will have that effects). Just like you cook something till hangus, if is not too hangus then will be just nice, but if u over cook then the hangus you cannot eat d.

Japanese Fried Rice

Ok, so that 3 main points I said is the reason I always go there and eat. But now, they fail these 3 points. HOW CAN?!?!? I mean, the first thing came out from my mouth after I ate that, I said :" They change chef d" I know la, I'm not whatever pro food critic, but I quite picky on food wan, and I can eat the difference wan loh. Cause I always go eat wat. But I think if someone eat before that often like me, also can taste the diff wan loh. BUT the fried udon with soya sauce still not bad like last time la, so if want to eat eat that wan, hahaha.
Fried Udon with soya sauce

Oh yea, to durian lovers...there is this small stall, just opposite Old Asia (in 1Utama lower ground near food court) they have this ice cream is RM4 per scoop, I know la its quite expensive, but HELLO, baskin robins also expensive wat. Anyway, this ice cream, they mix the vanilla with durian. If you dont want eat, just see how that person mix also quite nice. They use those style like you see the chef cook the meats in Teppanyaki, ok..I think they call it teppanyaki style. I not sure the durian is durian ice cream or is durian itself. From what I heard, I think is the durian itself, they mix with vanilla ice cream. SOOOOOO NICE LOHHH...its a must try. But dont expect a strong durian taste la, this is the nice part of it. Usually we eat durian, it can cover all other taste, but this one, the taste not too strong nor too light. Other than tasting the durian, you still can taste the vanilla. I describing only I also wanna drool d...I wanna eat again :(


DroopY said...

wow ..... uh painted ur rooom . thats greattt, even i want to do so in the near future, but befoe that i have to earn money, buy a house, then BUY PAINT n B RUSH :D.

BTW love the colour.... AND the colour of ur blog is maTching ur room too :)

vOon said... come ur comment is on another post? haha...anyway..thanks...wish u gd luck then on ur dreams..haha