Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my room

hm..this few days didnt really go out...BUT..I cleaned n tidy up my room this 2 days...n I loving it. I know la, alot people will find it weird cause of the colors of the wall. I wanted to have 70's feel la cause I like 70's or retro style ma. Plus I like green, white and orange colors also. I find these 3 colors match my room became how it is now. It's almost done, just hang few more things in the room then is 100% done d...hehe
ohyea...since so many people thought my first favourite color is white, this is quite a nice way to show that actually my favourite color is green...hehe

overall of my room...can see wert the other side from the mirror..hehe

k la, this is another side of the room. new wardrobe after using the old wardrobe for like years. share with my elder sis for like dunno how many years d then use for my own for another few think got 7 years..haha

One of my fav part, too sien nothing to do so paint paint the exhaust fan..makeit look like a flower

another fav part, instead of putting 0-5...I put music notes. I know is ugly la, cause I memang not talented in drawing stuff

I think I should say all the pics I put here are all my favourites parts of the room, eh..then mai my whole room loh...hahaha..

okok..another part. I stick something on the room, firstly is because to do some decoration la, but the main reason is that when the lights is off outside, I can know that the door is close or open by noticing the thing on the door, so mai wont bang on the door loo..hehe

at first when I clean my room, I just hang this thing on the door knob cause near to the me while cleaning, then think got too much recycle paper on those places they should be also, so I just hang here, if anyone want to leave me message also easier, especially now sleep till quite late...wuahaha

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