Wednesday, June 04, 2008


At first I was thinking, should I blog today, cause my mood is not good at all and hurt after what has happened this afternoon. But I end up finished one of my assignment earlier than I expect and is before 12am, so I decided to blog.

Then I think again, should I post what happen to me then cause is really gua for me. But...I decided to tell since not many people will be reading this and human have emotions, just that I dont show it often.

Well...what has happened...make it short..I went to consultation for my literary assignment. Of course I did not get a good feed back, I mean I dont really mind about that because I know I wont. But the reaction and respond of the tutor on my english problem...I saw he shake his head, he really hurts me alot and I am so dissapointed at myself.

Is not that I don't want or I cant accept critiques, I can. But my heart cant handle the gravity of it. I always seems like a person that so calm and not much emotions when things happen, but I am not that though as what I can be. I have a soft heart. I am actually very emotional. So I cannot stand it..I mean LUCKILY I used to control myself not to cry in the public, so I still can tahan when infront of him (althought I almost cant). But when I called my bf and talked bout it, I really cannot tahan d. Maybe is infront of people I can release, thats why I cried at that time. But I really cant believe that I actually cried in the public cause I was still in Uni and some people are still walking by (like more than 5 loh) if people up there (cause I was near the studio) notice..then I think will be tons of them saw..but I dont think so la. But at that time I cant care too much d gua...although I still care abit.

What to do...hai...after hung up the phone I have to act nothing happen. Wipes my tears and go in to the studio and start my works with my group. That's me I guess.


DroopY said...

I feel sorry for you, but i felt happy when i read this part -
"Wipes my tears and go in to the studio and start my works with my group. That's me I guess"

way to go :)

vOon said...

what??? haha...why u felt happy about that?

DroopY said...

felt happy that uh went on with ur work, cos i have seen people who after going through such situation - give up and call it -"quit". But uh dont seem to be one of them ... Keep up the Spirit and never back down .

vOon said...

haha...well...cant quit..but yea..I guess tat's really me..haha..cause if like I keep on say nah I will fail this n tat but still I will work hard..thanks anyway