Tuesday, June 17, 2008

home sweet home

at last back to Msia d...hehehe...didnt post this few days cause wanna give my frens surprise ma...althought now still got some dunno...but is ok gua

anyway...coz I already told one of my fren d, ok la..surprise also ma since at first she really believe that I will postpone the date to back to Msia, she said she dulan d when I said I wanna postpone...hahaha...so yesterday we yam cha then plan today how to kena another few of my gang wan

so the plan happened as just we planned..haha...she asked them out saying that I back today so we all come out have dinner, mana tau I ffk...actually I still in Melb and I just wanna fool her (cause she is easy to fool with..hehehe :p ) so they all really believe loh...hahahaha..one of my fren straight masam muka d when she thought my fren really kena by me. Luckily I really there, if not she really dulan and scold my fren, hahaha. But not so nice loh, cause I dont know where they sit, so at the entrance there so long d, they also saw me d la..sienzzz -.-

well...today we thought wanna go take sticker pics, but closed d....so no pics loh...hopefully tomorrow will be going out again loh to take sticker pics and ...haha...to bring the donuts for them cause I forgot to bring it today

so now I just post some pics that taken this few days

my precious bo!!! n it still remember my n stick to me more...hahaha XD

new family member - Brandon (my nephew)

see the grandmother...so happy..haha

always wanted to take a pic like this ~Brandon n my hand

omg..look so old in this pic

old until that Brandon can be my son...hahaha

dinner at Kim Gary, my fav food - cheese baked rice!! forgot to take the 'yin yong' (drink), suddenly take out the camera to take that pic again will look awkward loh so wait next time first..haha

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DroopY said...

UR LUCKY, ur in malaysia - home sweet home after all........ food looks yummmm .... am already tooo hungry... hope u dnt have scissors these days :P