Sunday, June 29, 2008

trip to Taman Pertanina Malaysia

wat a tiring day today...too bad la..mission fail...thought of shooting our thing today at Taman Pertanian Malaysia. But first 2 hours like that still ok. We ride the bus first loh to see around first, then after that we go rent bycicle.
After eat lunch, took 1 pic at this place..find this view very nice

First stop we went to mini zoo, then season house. The season house is sooo nice for us, cause we ride the bycicle d sooo hot n tired, the season house is sooo cooling although it is early summer. Really nice, cause the smell very nice and the aircond..feel like staying there only dont want go out d..hahaha

see the nice it

then around 3 something start raining d, so we went to a tower thing that can let us avoid getting wet. But too long la, we waited for like almost 2 hours loh. Around 5 like that we cannot tahan d so we just go cham, I still sick wan almost lost my voice somemore...thought the rain getting smaller, is ok d. mana tau suddenly so heavy again, we all totally get wet d, n COLD!!

Cannot tahan d cause the rain only gets heavier, so we stop at a placce again, a stall to get some hot drinks. The milo we order is nailo cause milk too much (nai=milk in chinese), haha. But dont care d la, really cold ler.

so cold...trying to get warm from
the little tiny fire of the lighter..haha

group photo
'kelefe' behind..haha

Hai...too bad loh, nothing much can show also, plus we all still soooooo awkward and not natural infront the camera. Hopefully our cameron trip we will be better :)

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DroopY said...

Love the colour of third pic.
You seem to be havin lot of fun ... cheers :D