Monday, June 02, 2008

last class! for monday

whyyy?!?! why so fast past 12am d...I want to write down stuff that happened in 2nd wan laa...well..this line appeared quite many times d in my diary..haha..but it is wert..I mean..usually we have good (or bad time) happen on that day, especially good times like hang out..should be till quite back home..on pc, bath, wait for the website to load, insert pics those oso past like more than 15 minuets d
anyway..well...I decided to post things that happened today (insists it to be 2nd June!!)actually not say happy also la..just wanna memory down cause last class d for 1 of my subject ACM 318 the independent thing..had good times...but not when I get back my research paper..border line again sial :( help meeeeee. I just hope the lecturer give me HIGH MARKS on my major project since he keep on said is GOOD...YOU MUSTTTT!! haha..will post that video once I get it in the format that I can post here

so..yea...taken some pics we my classmates when we having the first break..but dunno why all the pics seems blur :(

~Taken in the lift in Uni! the one near the bank ~

~ my entertainers, hahaha...especially you
SURESH XD~ you said wan ok not I say
~ my 'group'...actually just in the same group for
one of the assignment but did it individually
one...weird..then want group for what..haha~

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