Thursday, June 05, 2008

twice seperation in a day

awww...I'm really sooo surprise that I am missing...and will be missing Melbourne sooo much...I mean the people I met here..

today been a hard day...first I just slept like 4 hours? but nah...doesnt really matter. Once I went out I saw haze cause too cold I guess..WINTER!! wuahaha..thought cant experience tim before I go to edit with my group...we finish editing around like 2..but really cannot la..I mean they always let us down the last minute...make us cant show our stuff in the class for the screening...shittt!!! I mean I didnt get to attend the class for the last time..and is the last class already!!! but yea..just been there for like less than half an hour cause me and my group mates need to export stuff from to laptop..well...luckily our lecturer was sooo kind and he screen after 5 (which suppose to end at 5pm)...he said to the class that left our I guess not many wanted to stay just for that..but thanksss..10q so much to those who stayed..really appreciate it...and yea...we get kinda good feedback..I just hope we can PASSSSSS!!! PLEASEEE!!!

well..anyway...taking pictures time!!! haha...we even take pics with the lecturer althought he seems abit mm gam yuen..hehe...yea...we all had fun
Then at night I went to MSF..aww...I really dont like it..cause I really dont like seperation..DONT make me cry infront of public sadddd :( I mean today is a hard day cause is like quite unluckly because of the transfer thing..and also a hard day cause of seperation...but I am happy because I met who I met here...thank you u all n will miss you all much!!!!

see the lecturer's face...hahaha

my best group mates eva!!! Jen u blink ur eyes again!!! :( nvm..see..still a pretty face..:p

all soh lou n soh poh...hahaha

Maja!!! Probably the first and last Norwegian I get to have as my friend..haha..cause dont think will happen in Msia...thanks for being such a friendly and a good director and sort of leader in the group...

Jen Jen Jen...cute and sweet little OZ girl...also someone that sorta change my mind on how I see Melbourne...I'm so gonna remember your voice man...hahaha :p

ooh..we get to take pics with the lecturer for ACM 318...the one with the class I said that ends on Monday wan...

Annie...I think u such a brave girl la..or I should say like typical HK gal...althought I didnt know many HK gals la..hehe

Smart and hardworking Shamilla I've seen so far in the like my tutor..what questions also go ask her..haha


msf punya orang...cause exams coming soon so not many people attend althought is the last meet n dine

Irma!!!!!! thanks for ur compliment woh for saying I doesnt look like an international student..hahaha..anyway..cut the crap..really nice meeting u..such a sunshine go till every where also got sunlight

more picss...with Andrea as well..the vice president of msf Deakin

aww...beautiful angel...thanks for all the sharings and helps...take good care ya

Jerry :" I'm a man" yea yea...we know u r a man..ok...hahaha....become a famous quote in msf like every week everyone is saying it

Cause u will be reading my blog so I post u...hahaha...of course not la...must introduce u wat cause u consider my loyal blog reader often see u comment rite droopy..haha..even the 'brb' post u also can comment...ahahha....well..take good care of urself n maybe take care the gals in msf as well


DroopY said...

hahahaha ... brb for blog hahaha i think thats while chatting

Shamilla said...

hey Cek.....
after reading the separation thingy i really felt into tears....
hope we'll b in touch 4ever... (not just only us but all d gr8 & talented souls v met @ Deakin)
good luck & tc
until i c u next...

vOon said...

yea Shamilla...remember to keep contact with each other..hehe...good luck to u too..