Thursday, January 08, 2009

my 'weird' collections

actually, how do we consider as weird? if collect plastic bags consider weird anot? haha...actually I know I'm a weirdo la...people said so...other than plastic bags, I also collect key chains, eraser (last time) etc

ohyea, before that...something sooo funny happened...people always said 'money come drop from the sky' (chinese always said that). For me I think is nonsense, cause I dont gamble, I dont invest long things related to money can grow money..I also know I have no luck in it wan, maybe because that's that, so I get to found this while I am cleaning my room

and guess what, I just dont know why I will open it and look inside (maybe I press the ang pau got feel), and guess what I saw?!

MONEY!!! wuahah
ok la, I know its not that much AT ALL. But its the feeling u know...if u understand what I mean :P

Ok, back to my collections
I remember the very first plastic bag is this

and I still remember it was one of my colleague last time when I am a promoter in a boutique, she gave ma a plastic bag that brought from US or something..and start from that time, I am interested of collecting plastic bags

these are my collections..just a small part of it...hehe

this collection hobby gained especially when I was in Australia

this consider the most precious for me cause I dont think is easy to get

my sis got it from her company when she went to Beijing Olympic you have a weird collection that mine? ok...its not that weird if u dont think so :p


乌鸦 said...

thats something new.. lolz

vOon said...

u mean collecting those plastic bags is something new ah? haha

乌鸦 said...

yeaah! haha. i know people are collecting different different stuff but plastic bag is for me, dont know for others. lolz.

vOon said...

haha...maybe I'm a '垃圾婆', thats why..haha..just kena my fren say plastic bag is not weird...but u say..for u :p