Thursday, January 15, 2009

maybe yes, maybe no

at last!!! I got a job d...hehehe...damn sien u home like around half year nothing much to do...but many stuff to worry (mmg my style la)

first thing....where is my offer letter!! I know some..or most of u saying I am stupid now...damn it wei..I dunno why they need time to do the offer letter thing..tml I gotta send in bank account those anyway...they said send it together..but I dont have the offer letter copy how I gonna send them who knows..dunno ler..I just feel very insecure without the offer letter on my hand

2nd thing...cham loh...I thought I am a junior come I become a chinese copywriter? and then rite...I really in big chinese...half water (translate from cantonese :p ) english also not good..I need to translate!?!!?

3rd thing...I really dont know how can I get fren loh..I know..I kena scold by saying this on my very first day...but I really worry ma cause I scare to be lonely wan :( plus I am not like JadeZ or Cheesie or..or just simply outgoing person that are not shy that can mix with anyone easily...I really trying and improving d wan ler...

I think lately, or in the future...I also not sure whether I will have any pics of my office or with my colleagus to show far...I cant see this kind of person...even got I also dont know cause there are so many of them...also...I said before what, actually I cant cam-whore just anywhere...or in front of people I dont know much...or not close with..although I wanted to..hahaha..but I wont..but if a gal is like tat and she insist me to teman her to 'din' than I will..hahaha

so..what happened ran alot till my stomach part get pain. Morning we gonna walk up and down do gao dim our stuff loh, like take photos for the ID card, then fill in forms for alot of things..I also cant remember d

then I went to my department also around 1 d, then my fren get to talk with me awhile but too bad he's in another department wan, which is quite far away from me T_T kesian he kena tease all thought I'm someone new so he said he know me just because he wanna treat me good..hahahaha...but the truth is we are uni mate and we knew each other and study together in Melbroune wan.

Ok, so we went to eat lunch loh, with another 2 of his frens, Alison and Kyoto (hope I didnt spell it wrong) cham man, I am trying to remember the names today which is like...20 of them? no wonder now I got they are frenly and kinda funny...but still I very hard la..cause I am those shy shy type...but trying to talk as much as I can ler

ohyea...cause of the medical check up thing, I need to do cool man...its my first time..hahaah I damn dulan cause my external hard drive kena lend to A STRANGER because of my fu**ing bro...damn itttttttttttttttt...I really very boh song now...really really very angry and feel like whacking him and slap him and kick him....damn can just give a stranger the external hard is something soooooooooooooooooooooo P&C...I HATE HIM...its not that I have something 'special' inside...but I really really DO HATE people do something without the owner's permission...this is fu**ing pissing me off...damn itttt!!!

so..too bad la...I wanna transfer the files from my camera also cannot d cause the cable thingy also with him...damn itttttttt...until the day he pulang me the HD I sure scold and ngam him piss now


乌鸦 said...

hahaha. hi, shy shy girl. please drink a can of 王老吉, 有效地帮助下火 lolz. write a warning letter and paste on ur bro's door.

vOon said...

hahaahahah...write letter cant 'ha foh'..need to slap :p

乌鸦 said...

waliao, wan so 暴力 meh?

vOon said...

I shy jeh...but not girlish ma...hahaha