Friday, January 23, 2009

my new life

yay yay!!! guess all the chinese are having cny mood d rite!! me last I can get to 'hoi jiong' of my new stuff d, wuahaha...also..because I get to be hyper because of cny, I DARE to ask my closer colleague to take take pics...maybe they are abit shock how come I suddenly become not so shy, hahaha

let me introduce first, ohya..actually I guess I am the only one (of them) are more free cause I've done all my job tiffany (merchandise) n Mandy (PR) not free, I dare not kacau. okok, back to the photo session

Poh Chee (traffic), damn funny gal, esp with tiffany...go out with them never ending laffing wan

Justine, heard some not so good thing bout her but yet I dont think she is tat bad la. She is foward I guess in a kasar way...hahaha

This guy is not new in thie blog ler, we used to be uni mate in Melb, then now colleague, haha

the lovelies copywriters..hahahaaha, Hafizan(left), Amyrah, me, Shahreena. Shahreena is the best senior I've ever seen, she taught me sooooooooooooooo much and I'm so glad she is my senior. Although she is so senior cause she work 3 yrs d in the company, but she dont act arrogant or anything at all, really have no weakness to say bout her.

ok, I dont know when I can let u guys see more new ppl from the company. Pai seh just now take pics with them too excited until forgot to take office pics, haha. So I guess I will do that on chor 3 since tat day not many people working also I guess.

happyyyyy chineseeee newwww yearrrr loveliessss!! gong xi fa chai ya n get much much ang pow...then come 1u belanja me makan.hahahahhaha :p



乌鸦 said...

lolz. okays, CNY makes u not so shy suddenly. it's good that u can mix around with ur colleagues already. haha, 加油

vOon said...

haha..mai just like when u like a gal then u dare to chase her like tat loh esp valentines is near..hahaha