Monday, January 05, 2009

my fren's wedding

When we get to attend wedding of our frens...the more of the amount kinda show the older u are...agree? :p

Seriously, sometimes I need something to remind me that I getting older (which I dont like and tell me which LADY like) if not I will live in a world of....20 yrs old? since everyone said so, so I was brain wash by them :p

Other people wedding, I've been to quite a few of them, also my sister's wedding which held few years ago, and she is older than me 7 yea its time for her to get marry.

My friends wedding...only if I have some friends which is older than me, if not in this kind of generation now, hardly ladies wanna get marry so soon...I've been to one of my fren's wedding before..which is...when I was 18...then recently I've been to another wedding of my fren...which is same age as me...22..22....22....ok...shitty...sooner or later I will gotta get invited to more weddings cause everyone will be getting marry soon around this age..or within this few years

This is not the first time I went to a malay wedding, but really...TOTALLY I dont know what to wear...cause for sure will worry that wear till..'too sexy'...BUT I dont wear jeans due to my legs get itchy very very fast once I wear jeans...especially under the hot hot sun. ways I wear shorts or mini skirt...and I dont have a nice knee length skirt to match with my clothes...ok...done with my stuff

So I went to this fren's wedding..her name is Wawa...omg...there's sooo many people..I mean...the whole street of her house area was cover with people,tables and food. haha. But one thing I feel kinda scary for malay scary means...they seems have to be somehow...serious...maybe that looks more elegant gua..I dont know...

Actually didnt stay there for too long cause later got things to first thought to wait for my other frens..but guess I memang not fated to have no fate with friends in my went to congrats my fren first..luckly can get to take some pics with her after she bersanding..which at least I think not so serious d la...while we walking around there...we feel sooooo out of place..but at last we saw some ang mo..which more out of is ok..haha..then after they went into the house, take some proper/formal pics by the photographer with nice nice background and props

can see the ang mo? hahaha

they preparing to take family photo

so many...hehe

pretty nyaaaa

everyone looks weird in this pic, I look soooo short cause I'm bending; my fren like...wan get closer to her husband but cant; her husband terclose his eyes T_T; my bf get to the the most nice among us, mmg photographer punya son..hahaha

congratulation Wawa!!!

so...who's next?

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