Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh so random

sorry guys...u all gotta hear my nag again...haha

but before that let me share something with u guys 1st

today I know more ppl, and get to have few new frens to have lunch together...n they are soooo funny..its like the whole time also laffing only. Hopefully this kind of situation will continue la, but of course I cant depends on others too much geh

here come the worry stuff...I dont know...I am a junior copywriter...but also consider a chinese chinese is not tat good, english oso not tat good..I feel so embarrasing and like cant handle the job. Is not that I dont like it or I dont like to do...I totally willing to learn and not scare of tired or anything at all...yea...maybe me myself already look down on today rite, I need to be there for the chinese commercial ads for the radio station, but then when the talent make sure with me whether those words prounoucation are correct anot, I also not sure...T_T...he sure think this copywriter so char...hai....I really dunno how...any idea wat shud I do? I need to solve this prob, I am trying to force myself not to think negatively or look down on myself, but I cant, and dont know what the way to solve this prob...other than that, today just 2nd day nia, I also stress what will happen, when will kena scold, when I cant handle stuff d...hai..maybe that's me ler...24/7 also worry bout anything

if u finish reading this, haha...thanks for 'listening' to me...just sort of wanna release...maybe need ppl to give me some comments on what shud I do to not to be soooo worry gua....but too harsh I also get hurt...hahaha...although I will wan to accept cause I wanna improve ma

haha..ok...enuff of words d..let me show u guys some pics ya...remember yesterday I said I went to do x-ray...

ta daaa

ellehhh...why is 23 years old? I still got 1 month to go leh...(aunty mind-ing bout the age d)

omg!! there's a book in my stomach! :p


乌鸦 said...

jia you, dont worry so much. chinese not good can practice geh. must thick face a bit sometimes. hahaha. dont keep guessing what people think about u. <--- only comment, i cant do it 100% too. XD

vOon said...

haha..then I think I gotta learn from u d :p
its alrite...thanks for the somehow motivates me d geh...hehe

eclips said...

i think u'll do great! i have got confident in u :)

yann said...

yes darling.. see got so many ppl stand by ur side la.. haiya..i know u growth under what enviroment.. but chilex la.. i know u can d... each prob sure got way to solve wan...

vOon said...

eclipse- haha..thanks..

yann- where got...3 of u only ma..hahahaha...I know prob can solve geh...but is depends how long it gonna take..and see whether u can tahan till tat long anot loh :p