Thursday, January 01, 2009

HaPpY nEw YeaR 2009!!!


I went to Genting for countdown and this is the best ever countdown I've been.

Actually I'm sort of having started yesterday, today feels better but still I look so 'chan'..looks so obvious in pic loh...even make up oso no use...see

the eyes like cannot open T_T

We had dinner near desa park, of course this is not the high class place, is opposite of desapark..this restaurant not bad at all..they serve western n reasonable price...liek my set is RM24.9 which included mushroom soup+ribeye+ice cream..but damn they forgot to serve us the ice cream and we only remember when we reach

should have wear the fake eye lash like her...see my eyes...small enuff d now more small...hahaha

After we finish our dinner around 8 something, we straight move on to genting...when we reach there is around n my bf decided to take the cable car because we feel sick..he also got better dont drive...also if drive up, when come down sure jam.

so far the best pic that I look at least semangat abit

its been a while we didnt take pics in cable car :)

Then we walk around..then we saw this mongolia thingy goin on...wonder why..but I was attracted by it

After took some pics...we still have alot of we went into casino...seriously I dont know we should feel happy anot whenever they wanna check our IC...yea..I guess we should...haha..especially after few years I guess we desperate them to check our IC..hahaha..anyway...sien loh..lose money..but I expected d cause I hardly win any money when I bet thats why I dont like to gamble.

We lepak until like 11.30 then only ciao...damn those security block so many places...but luckly my bf smart enuff..hehe...we went to somewhere near to the place of cable car...

love the mood of this pic

pic taken before the fireworks..saw me 'scarf '? actually its my jacket..haha..u guys can try..just simply twirl it n work it like a scarf..hehe

here are some pics of the fireworksssss...

n some video...sorry...gotta bear with the yellings..hahhahah

PS: seriously..lower down the volumn before watching the video!! haha

after the fireworks..its time to become sardines...but luckly this time (compare with xmas last year)...its much more better...maybe is because our location were just nice..not too pack...but when we trying to enter the door...u know those kind of door the pic below

u somehow need a skill to go in ESPECIALLY its so pack..damn scary wei...I enter with 3 Indian guys at first..then suddenly a man slipped in and push..OMGGG..damn him..I knea squeezed in the small space with allthese 'ma lat lou'..damn it..eevn kena my leg when he push us forward so ard...damn damn damn!! fine! its new year..and my mood is good..

So we easily get on the cable car (seems like the luck is on out side *wink*) BUT the most happy and luckiest nice...1st day in 2009 I am so lucky. my bf actually planned to buy me the Leo Ku concert ticket but kinda expensive cause he thought wanna include the hotel package, which is like RM700something..which I think he is we can just watch the concert by just getting the ticket at RM200 for 2 person...anyway

when we took the cable car, there was another couple, they viewing their camera..then I heard someone singing..wait...sound so familiar..I mean..I know the song cause I know every song of Leo Ku especially old songs..but the background sound was like in KTV, so I can sang so well..then I think think..wait!! its his voice! Leo Ku's voice! then I turn my head and see their camera..YES! its Leo Ku! I cant believe I am really so least get to see some of his shots...although its very short la, but still I am happy..n yea...stupid me immitate him singing :p

I not sure whether u guys can see anot cause its kinda dark..just trying to give a visual

I've been to places for countdown but its been a while I didnt feel sooooo happy n excited...hopefully this is a good beginning
for the year...same to u luck for the year...n


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