Tuesday, January 20, 2009

yesterday seems so far away

wow, total of 4 days I didnt update my blog d.

Since after I start work d, kinda bz and no time to blog..not like last time every day also will blog.

Since after I start work, everything seems to be changing. Maybe is because new environment, new people, new lifestyle. Nowadays I also sleep around 11-11.30...even me myself also cant believe it. Feel so not me d, chat also seldom chat, seldom meet up with frens,seldom watch tv.

Sometimes will u think like, man, where's my life...life that used to be. But if you work quite some time d this way maybe wont be useful for u la...haha. I guess the only way to make u feel that, you are still you is that...go look for ur frens..frens tat often meet up...hai..I think I cant at this moment, weekend they not free, weekdays I not free, chinese new year I also not free cause chor 3 start work liao..sienzzz...I wanna go bai nian T_T

oh yea..another way to track back ur 'used to be' life, is to see back those photos u have with frens

went to take sticker photos after yann 'change' her hairstyle

in 'wong kok'

dun need to envy me that I still got time to hang out with my frens, cause these pics were taken like...2-3weeks ago, before I start work loh...hai...miss taking pics with old frens...I mmg wont so 'thick face' to take with my colleagues cause not very close yet ma


乌鸦 said...

wa, cho 3 need to work already.

eclips said...

waa..u are getting more and more comments already! :) ur fren definitely look much more attractives with her new hair do.

vOon said...

crow- yaloh...so cham T_T

eclips-alot of comments coz few ppl comments...then I reply it 1 by 1..hahaha..u know which fren of mine got hairdo meh? but actually no diff woh..like tat u oso know who got haircut ah?haha

eclips said...

hiyo, i read ur blog so often.. plus i'm a very observent person.. i know all of them that are featured in ur blogs. :) can guess who mah.

vOon said...

hahaha...of coz la...5 out of 7 are those famous wan...