Wednesday, January 28, 2009

gals with moris Part 1

Recently kinda lazy to post la, all went back hometown, I started work today..nothing to do at damn sien lohhh!!!

then another reason I lazy to post, is because...haha..expected d la, less readers liao...even cheesie also not many ppl comment d, so me this blog where will increase readers during cny..haha

but seriously, very sien...really nothing to post, plus now working, no ppl to take pics with wan...then alot of pics is with my fren cause used her camera..there's a 'special' event we went yesterday...haha

ok la...this wont be a long post...this will be part 1 of the u guys..gotta wait for the next post for more pics loh...whether u r waiting for the gals or....the car :p

Ok...I know I look fatter in the pic...I also wonder why. Yala will become 'sui zhong' body fill with water (pai seh la I dont know what u call that in Eng) when PMS coming soon, I thought still got 1-2 weeks..mana tau today PMS d...damn..everytime do photoshoot oso pms wan loh...I fat enuff d still wan me look so fat mehh!!!

anyway...stay tune for part 2 :p


the cow jump over the?? said...

i wanna see galssssssssssss!!!!! :)
the cars can be ur back ground! ahaha

乌鸦 said...

so sad ke? nevermind lah, i will comment then. lolz. but im going to HatYai tonight~ :P cya~

vOon said...

not mine la...gals better see on the other hope on me this bulat bulat liao..haha

crow- ish...comment somemore...then go Hatyai d...fu hin