Sunday, January 18, 2009

说。。。 says...

他说:“如果要我放弃你,是不可能的事。但如果你要放弃我,我会被迫的支持你。因为如果你遇到了 更适合的人,你会开心。如果你开心,我就会开心。”

他说:" 就算你有男朋友,我也愿意等。因为我想你当我永远的女朋友。







He said: It is impossible that I will leave you. But if you want to give up on me, I will have to
support you. Because I know you will be happy if you found someone better. And if you are happy, then I will be happy.
I cried.

He said: Even that you have a boyfriend, I willing to wait. Because I want you to be my girlfriend forever.
I'm speechless

He said: I love you forever. Can't you see? Other than you, I have no one else.
I'm touched (innocently)

He said: I promise you, I wont lie to you. No matter what happen, I will tell you everything.
I actually believed it.

He said: I cant like you more. Because I like you much more than maximum d.
By then I know what are sweet talks.

Can you differenciate which is by sincere and which is fake?
Since young, as a girl which like the other girls, sweet talks are something that we will hear alot. But I never will believe because they sounds so fake. But actually the sincere sweet talks are more scary.
I dont understand, why ladies are so easy to trap by guys' sweet talks. And I think have no way to avoid a God's creation as a lady


乌鸦 said...

eh? chinese? wa, really practicing?

vOon said...

hahaha...soh meh...all the while I also got write chinese wan ma...u can go read those got chinese title wan..I love to write in chinese man! hahaha..but alot of ppl cant everyday life I will write in eng loh

乌鸦 said...

hahaha! yeah i love to write in chinese as well. but i got friends who cant read. x_x or else my blog will be pure chinese haha

vOon said...

but ur blog now is damn nice ma...the eng part doensnt affect ur blog at all..still so nice :)

乌鸦 said...

hehe, thanx thanx. although i dont know what makes u think so lah. XD

Amane said...

有甜言蜜语, 才会有回忆呀~!

vOon said...

dunno nvm...just continue do wat u r doin now can d...haha

vOon said...

haha,也许就只能回忆吧。可是不像是甜蜜的回忆leh :p