Wednesday, January 07, 2009

my 'new' room

Yes, I guess many people is cleaning their room, them a new decorations cause Chinese New Year is coming!!! so did I...I kinda change the locations of my stuff, and of course..trying to make it as not messy as I can...seriously...its so so so much big different compare with my room few yrs back..last time even my net frens can see how messy was my room by seeing my cam whore pics :p
I did change my room's deco before...around July last year...u can read the post from here and compare compare. If you lazy to load whole new thing, then I upload some main picture here for u guys :)
these pics were taken around 2006...soli gotta bear with the 'old style'cam whore pics, just trying to show the things behind..haha...omg...I also almost forgot how's the deco was last time

the cupboard used to be at the place where I put my small table and cupboard now

the bed is still at the same old place (due to the feng shui I gotta locate the bed there), radio was just beside me, along with the table for make up and skin care products (which is so few I also forgot got what d, haha), then is the big big lubang punya cupboard for me to put my stuff like books, soft toys etc.
in the year of 2007, I wanted to make my room like a 70's one cause I just love it. Also, many things in my rooms been used for 10 years and above, or maybe I should consider as 20 years above, so some of it cant be use anymore, AND I NEED A CHANGE! since my sis also married quite some time d. (used to share room with her)
didnt change much at first, cause due to the financial problem, I can only get a cupboard first, so just move around the things and get myself two small tables and a cupboard, but slowly..cant really tahan d, so I need a new wardorbe cabinet cause the old one hardly can slide to another side. again, if wanna see more details...u can go here

so it become like this

in this half year, I really beh tahan that my family keep on say my room is messy. IT IS NOT SERIOUSLY, compare to last time...IT IS NOT. they look like messy just because my room is SO DAMN PACK! and I wan it that way, I dont want to have any empty space at anywhere in my room cause I think ITS SCARY..dont ask me why, if you feel the same way as I do, THANK GOD...I dont see what's the prob with that, just like some people have cosmophobic. Ohya, and they did commented that the most messy part was my floor, always have tons of things on my if I want it that way, is just because I dont have a small side table for me to put my stuff beside me due to I just LURVE to do something before I sleep, especially write should know when an idea or a sentence just come, U NEED IT WRITE IT DOWN, and who knows suddenly 1 new article has been done :p

SO...I decided that I really need a small side table and I gotta buy it ASAP. along that, I shall change the location of my furniture...give it a fresh look for my room. so, this is how my 'new' room look like and I LOVE IT..wuahaha
see side table there...hehehe...sooooo convenience for me now

ok, to be frank I dont fold my blanket or whatsoever, cause at night you still gotta sleep back and you so tired d still need to use your stregth to widen it and cover..ya I admit I am a damn lazy person..haha...ohya...this pink bedsheet set gave me a nightmare last time(no offence to any pink lovers)..I mean the nightmare as in...seriously nightmare...its been a while I didnt have a scary bad dream but when the first time I used this blanket I then I got was thinking should I use it for this time, but I have to cause I cant just waste it and keep it in the cupboard...n since chinese new year is coming..must have use red or pink..some people might think since I dont like pink then why did I bought this at because I kinda like the material, and the light pink side I still can accept..somehow I need to transform myself to be more feminie :p

my little corner at the side...I still cant get rid of putting the extra pillow case on the table...u know its good cause sometimes the cosmetics stuff will be all over when make up-ing and since I am using white PLUS I am a clumsy person, this pillow case help me alot
in my post that I shown my room last time, remember that I said I wanna hang my bags here? Now I did it...saw the white bag anot, I'm still keeping to use on chienese new year (which I bought few months ago) although I am so desperate to use it but still I tahan..I know right I'm good in this...hahaha

these are the books that being placed inside the drawer of my small little side table...told ya I wrote alot...these are my diary books of 1999, also my note books..dont know why I just love to collect note I got quite a few of them which is totally new...but not in here la..haha
my photo albumsss...ignore the one taken in the studio wan, at least got 4 years I see back also kinda lame..but which girl doesnt take this kinda photos? just different style only the photo album plus the books..I think roughly can know what kind of person I am d :p

the calendar I prefer with big column wan, cause calendar sort of like my small diary book, I am lazy to write diary so long every day..haha

My cosmetics everything I make is sooo tidy right!

except here

my I make it tidier also seems messy...I guess is toooooo pack d, what to do, my sis keep on give me stuff she dont want so she can get new one..haha..then some were my new new clothes (waiting for cny only hoi zhiong) plus I guess this is just too small for my clothes if I want to make it look tidy...tidy always need more space...anyway..I didnt put the clothes nicely also la for few months d..haha

ohya, last but not least...few days ago I chat with my friend and they asked me whether my room still got vanilla smell, I was like...really ker? last time also got d? cause now also got, then they said its because I use the body shop vanilla body lotion last time, then only I get to remember since so long ago I already fall in love with vanilla now I am so obsses with vanilla smell...

remember the deodarant I mentioned last time, the yellow thingy in the pic is the deodarant, I still have 3 more extra...hahahahaha...of course la..this thing only sell in Australia and I cant get it here T_T

vanilla smell punya candle...Ikea got sell...mostly everyone knows tat..of course u guys also know they have other flavor as well

two vanilla flavor perfume...the star one was given by my sis...Vera Wang one was bought by myself..hehe

Well, I reckon we all can should search for the smell we like, it somehow can change our mood or smoothen our emotion or sadness :)


eclips said...

waa.. ur room so "in" wan ahh! so many bright colours. :)

vOon said...

in meh? in shud be either pink or white wat...haha..just because I like 70s make it to green n brown...hehehe

eclips said...

IN!! :)
did u paint the room urself or u someome did it for u??

vOon said...

cause bright so in ah? haha..of course I paint myself la...with my bf...but then I paint most cause I dont like others do things for me...-->perfectionist<-- least if not nice I cant blame others :p