Sunday, January 25, 2009

gather together

guess alot of ppl balik kampung nice can...everytime ppl ask me, eh..u not goin back to ur hometown meh, I just can say, I hope so, but my hometown is where I born, which is here loh. Sometimes also will go back to my dad's (Ipoh) or mom's (Sg) geh, but this time the time not so ngam.

Oh yea, this year I think I have the coolest cny eve ever. Usually chinese family cook at home or eat in nice nice chinese restaurant, but we decided to go red box...hahahahaha..just because my whole family also love to sing.

Let me show some food first, we actually ordered 4 dishes each as they showed in the menu, and add 1 more dish with duck wan. But obviously I didnt pay much attention on those foods, included taking pics and EATING...OMG...can u imagine, I will not paying attention to eat...hahaha..I did eat la but not much, really not much at all.

this is the duck rice

this is the lamb dish

Ok, then I realize its the duck rice again, stupid wan.

Cause another 2 dishes which is fish wiht rice n chicken herb with rice came later, so I didnt take d, although the chicken herb rice was the best among all. Also I didnt take watever food we took from their half buffet dinner (only serve desserts & soups). Nop, not like last time I so focus on those foods on our table while we were in neway to celebrate xmas. (u can read the post from here)

Picture time!!

first, took pic with daddy 1st

then mommy

then my elder bro

lastly of coz younger bro cause he's the youngest..n most spoilt wan wtf

ok, I dunno why he always fo this stupid face

this pic is to prove that I can take pic by located the cam infront BUT NOT ABOVE...cause my bro said so...

WE GOT LOU SANG! but I didnt get to take pics of all of us lou the sang loh rite cause everyone gotta lou it ma

lastly of coz will take 1 pic of myself :P




of coz need a 'chuen ga fook' la, hahaha

then now is the video time...since u guys listen to my videos before, so I'm gonna share my family members punya singing singing for u guys

my younger bro sing not bad geh, he got the voice d...but dunno y just keep on felt tat he is immitating 'xiao jing teng'

I mmg know my bro can hit high notes geh

seeing my parents sing feel so cute..hahahahaha...I mean them la

how u guys celebrate with ur family? had fun...

its chinese new year d...same same...wish u guys chinese happy new year and get many many ang pow ya!!


乌鸦 said...

haha. go redbox so nice ah. i just went to restaurant have reunion dinner then come home chit chat only. XD happy chinese new year lah~~ haha

vOon said...

haha..reunion dinner n chit chat oso nice ma..better than us...quite often argue wan..sienz T_T
happy cny to u too ya!

乌鸦 said...

aiyo, argue is normal lah. we do argue sometimes as well. after that no problem then okay loh. haha.

vOon said...

also dunno how la...seems not tat simple..memang 'jia jia you ben nan niang de jing' haha

breadpitt said...

this is coooool...... gathering in karaoke with family..;-) happy chinese new year voonnnnn.

vOon said...

haha..just ngam my family all oso like to sing...tats y...happy cny to u too...had fun? got makan alot or bake more? haha