Tuesday, December 09, 2008

1utama's xmas decoration..what's the theme?

for this post I gonna post pics from 1utama xmas decorations...

Lets guess what's the theme for 1utama shall we? It's very obvious anyway...they do have a theme for that ah, not I create myself wan..so lets get it started.

this...consider the entrance door? but there are quite a few there

its nice actually when u take it...without flash

cannot see the face..yea.who cares la, my point is to show the background :)

I think this is quite a big hint for u to guess what's the theme d rite

this is the xmas tree infront of the 'big' entrance

seems like a really 'white' xmas for this year, cause I've seen few shopping malls, mostly also with white xmas trees with decorations..since is white xmas again..I goin to make it white xmas for myself again..which is....my laptop goin to be...

yup, its not related to the content just now..but I link it somehow..haha...if u read my previous post before about my white gadgets dream..u shud know I'm wishing for a Sony white laptop...cant remember? click here n u can see it :) then now..instead of Sony CR series, I will go for the Sony SC series, cause its only like..RM300 diff, the specs are better, and at least its the latest wan, n got promotion.

Lets hope I can get it soon..really soon...which is this week, then I will post more about it

wishing u guys 'wishing list' comes true!! n then we all have lovely little happy white christmas :D


august15th said...

looks like u have ut on some wt in these pics.. :)

vOon said...

?? ut n wt? wats tat?