Sunday, December 14, 2008

pyramid's xmas deco

well well...this time is the pyramid xmas deco as u can see from the title

to be out of topic first...I wanna say I think my 6th sense getting more geng...or maybe just a co-inccident la who knows...but recently really so 'zhun' until I also kinda surprise

when me n my bf walking in pyramid (just reached), as usual when I kinda hyper I will suddenly sing some songs or sing by watever song I hear in the shopping mall. Then u know la pyramid got 2 wings d, new n old wing. When I was in the new wing, I dont know whether they have some song on-ing or dont have I cant remember but FOR SURE its not joy to the world, which is what I'm singing...suddenly when we reached to the old wing, we heard the song 'joy to the world' n my bf look at each other...hahaha...I damn scared wei..haha

okok..back to the topic...pyramid's deco...dont know leh..either I purposely link to the fairy tale or kids theme but really wei, but is on the new wing la. Let' see

not the same compare with the othre shopping mall..pyramid's old wing deco are more to red...u dun think so? let see

the wall n the cloth thingy are in red tone group

side deco also red wan

somemore somemore

even my dressing also got red...hehe

this pic was taken at the stairs

I like the pic below cause of the lights...seems so warm neh...was taken during dinner

ohyea...this was in Canton Bay, the food is not bad..I mean the 'ham yu chao farn' (salted fish fried rice)...which was ordered by my bf...the one I ordered was seafood fried rice..I regretted ordering that because...doensnt really have taste I dont really like their service, causei waited the rice for so long, both are fried rice, I dont think prawns or sotong need longer time to prepare compare with salted fish..that is not the main point...should be the waiters' fault...cause when I eat, obviously it was prepared quite some time ago because it is not warm d! wtf...but if u dun mind bout the service, I think the food there shud be not bad la, although the dish I ordered doesnt really have taste...

After that we went to new wing n I love the deco.comapre with the old wing wan la

I like is because of this...ferris wheel...haha

the deco kinda kiddy I know...but ok la, not bad..for family ma

Dont know why I feel so lonely when I see this pic...but I wish u all wont be having a lonely xmas, go find ur frens to celebrate if u dont have a partner..or family will be a better choice to celebrate with...although I think lonely christmas is not that bad long u r happy :)

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