Wednesday, December 03, 2008

xmas is comin - curve

well..I said before that I gonna do an extension part of the curve's xmas decoration rite..or didnt I? are the pic...actually I'm thinking the theme of the xmas decoration is it fairy tales or what...because I saw those...can I call them fairies? cause they got so called wings...haha...n animals...but animals in fairy tales doesnt seems to look normal animals

this is the decoration infront of cineleasure...I think they just tried the snow to make bubbles..haha...guess they will have the snow effects on xmas eve n xmas for sure...or maybe they have those on certain time start from tml...HOPEFULLY start from tml la...surely will attracts more ppl..but hard to take pics..haha

decoration on the road

er...too dark rite...its deers actually..its outside curve

this is also outside curve...near starbuck there

I accidentally took a photo of that blur skirt gal..haha


bf: giraffe will pee ! run!

blue christmas


cantsaynomood said...

so any plans for xmas yet??

vOon said...

hm..really no idea at all..haha