Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mid Valley's xmas theme

Been to Mid Valley and The Garden...not so the white xmas thingy...Mid Valley is more to circus theme (obviously), u can even see clowns walk around at the ground floor (at specific time). The gardens, hm...I kinda dissapoint with it cause I thought they will spend quite much on the xmas decoration but not.

Let's see mid valley xmas decoration 1st shall we...

 whoring again because I still love my hair...haha

trying to imitates Edison's smile:p

back to the topic..these r the mid valley deco pics

due to toooooo many ppl triyng to take pics in the middle although the queue was so long, of course I wont be one of them, cause I dont like to take pic at the middle? bad la I cant show all the animals, only half the horse from the pic above

the clown

horse's butt again...

decorations of some stalls located nearby

can guess which part of the decoration I taken from?

Dont laff if u think we r stupid by taking ourselves on the reflection, cause many ppl did so..haha

go put ur face beside the sweet...see who's bigger..ur face or the sweet?

shouldnt wear this next time..make me look so fat in the middle n not balance T_T

Here comes the garden's deco

kinda boring...

this cage thingy was there like..since last month...cause I was there..then now they just use this cage n add the xmas trees then become the xmas deco ah? no good no good

But I like the cage thou

Yup...the mic is for the carol later...which is also the best part of having christmas :)


august15th said...

waa..didnt drop by for just a day or so and u have two new updates with soo many pics and lappie and bf.. :)

vOon said...

mid valley wan actually was taken last weekend la..haha...the laptop wan was just yesterday.woot!!