Saturday, December 06, 2008

update bout my 'job'

Dont know why nowadays no mood to think I will write something bout why I will blog in the next few post...for this post..I think its time to update my frens about my job status

So sad to say that, I havent got job yet.NOT BECAUSE I AM LAZY. I admit I am a lazy person but not on work, I am excited about seriously working in the society, but seems like the chance will not come.

I know some people will doubt bout my way of sending out my resume, but I really dont wanna send to those company if I really dont think that I will wanna work there, which is too far or is not related to what I had study or whatsoever...

What job I wan? of course I hope to be a scriptwriter, this job is a job that I dont mind u give me low pay because I wanna learn and I willing to learn n take a low pay because I really love it, or as long something with writing.

I did went to interview for some, but which caused my interest is this opportunity from double vision. Most of the local scripts are actually from them, even some Sg wan. I dunno whether I can blame the economy anot but I WILL. Because of that, one of the producer cant afford to hire me while he just hired someone within 1-2 months. But he is so kind, he really did send my resume to people that wanted to hire freelance writer. SO because of him, I get to met James Lee. YA, if u are in this industry or interested in local independent film, for sure u know who is James Lee. I was so surprised that day when I went interview, cause I thought it might just be another James called James.

Yeap, he asked me to send him a script with 35 scenes, I know its not hard. But the hard part is I have to WRITE IT IN MALAY!! offence at all, I never hate or dislike to speak Malay, but seriously I have no confidence that I can do this. But I really dont care d la, I wont want to let this opportunity runaway from me.

I am so happy, seriously happy when one day they called me and said they wanted me to be in thier team. BUT...just dunno why when I hung up the phone then when I told my close ones bout this new, I said, lets wait till is 100% confirm. Well, I dunno how this industry really works cause I never seriously work in this industry before, so I would not know whether I can be 100% confirm that they will hire me, but I just got this feeling telling me that dont be 100% confirm and happy first. Mana tau, after like 1 week, they told me this project is on hold. When they say on hold, that means mostly is the budget problem. this...boh job d..hai.........kesian la saya!!! I just can concern myself and say, dont worry, since James Lee plan to hire u, mean I really got the thing. So what I really hope now is just now I on his next CONFIRM project, he will straight hire us few that which he was planned to hire 'previously'. If not, I hope the producer Chow can give me more freelance job or straight hire me la since half yr is coming soon d...haha...shit me..still can whoever ask me about job, I think I just send this link n let them read, what a lazy me T_T but this is the strength of the blog wert rite :p


camwhore myself cause I love my hair so much...wuahaha

'electric-ing' kena anot? XD

suddenly something make me soooooo excited....which was when I saw this

doggie: I feel so sexay even withou my sunglass @.@

the dog so 'song'...'dau fung', makan bo also quite some time didnt bring him makan angin d...but kinda attract attention ler..which is not the owner let the dog's head come out so much...I so worry that the dog suddenly fly out omg!!! choi :p


15thaugust said...

beeezzzz!!! got... i kena alredi! :)

vOon said...

hahaha...I thought what..blank for almost a minute only get it :p 15th ausgust? got wat meaning

15thaugust said...

get wat?? meaning of wat i wrote or meaning of my nick?? :)

vOon said...

get the meaning of u kena...oh..ask got any meaning anot of ur nick anot only ma..haha..nvm la :)

15thaugust said...

of coz my nick also got meaning.... :)
and u know it.