Wednesday, December 24, 2008

pre xmas eve

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will be posting up about a video of me n my gang celebrate xmas...but because I just get other files from my fren today, so later tonite only I can start editing it ganti that for u...I'll post up the pics of that day to let u have the image :)

This is us

and this is the food :)

 is the turkey...a small one

preparing to cook spaghetti!

its pork cause my fren's house does not allow to cook beef due to they are buddhist.

she cooked the mash potato cream till hangus washing the pot

anyway are the food

omg..I feel hungry now!

Then we started to do the gingerbread house...dunno why they call it candy house
n too bad we didnt take pics but video when we started to do it



the first ever gingerbread house I get to do in my life!!!

of course must take some pics

and we all did take turn to take pics with the small little gingerbread house

but I reckon dont buy it anymore from the stall that near Ikano one, OR...maybe is our fault la that the house is not sticky at all to hold on for another 10 minutes...

so... lets count down 3.....



habis loh...then only we get to eat our dinner...after that we exchange present

Yann's...she gave the bracelete

I gave the purse

Ok I know I am bad in posing compare to them T_T

she gave the earings...

omg! I didnt know I look so diff n old with my hair behind like this

Then we all gathered to take pics by using my lappie...which was sooooo fun and we all laff like hell

these are the pics behind the scenes

and these are the pics that taken from the lappie

and lastly...'quen ga fuk' smile!! :)

its xmas eve d!! wish u all have a merry christmas ! :D

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