Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's like a ~dream~

yay!! I got my new toy!! u will know what is that if u got follow my blog..

I sarifice my food, twister fries which bought from the way back...ohyea...twister fries is out d, so mean Chinese New Year is coming soon. This wan I really dont care, cny is the only time I totally dont care how much twister fries I am going to eat..because the fries will only be there for like...2 months? anyway

Other than sacrifice foods (omg I'm hungry now), I also sacrifice to put on lotion after bath, this one not so serious compare to food..haha. But its always the best to put on lotion after bath, well. Just one day, should be ok since I dont really often put it on every day only if by force.

Hm...what so tempting and have such no...its now my new boy Brandson (nephew), my new toy is Sony....are you thinking what I'm thinking? haha...lets see!!

in 1utama old wing..went there for thrice includede this time

Sony should ask me to be their spokesperson cause I'm really a HUGE Sony fan.dont bliv? U will in the future

old laptop..kesiannya..u see the lubang

this is the mouse...forgot how much d, but for sure is not RM20

look the same? well...u'll see

can see the diff d? this is a free gift..Sony punya mouse...look somehow diff somehow same..but the price is..................f**king RM285!!!!! I will never buy such expensive mouse for sure even if I'm a huge Sony fan


love it love it love it

BUT...its weird thou, I feel like a dream. You know when you just get married or just got a new partner or something...u will get that kind of the thing is infront of u d but seems like u still cant accept it that u already got it...everything seems surreal!! also..dunno why...I feel kinda mm seh tak of my old laptop...somehow I still will use geh...since only the owner (me) good in using their keyboard (which almost every1 cant or complaint when they use)

PS I am soooo gonna take lots of pics with my laptop n just do a post bout it..wuahahhaha

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