Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's been a while, although not too long ago, but yet it wont last long... I just wanna have a post with totally words. Life is so lifeless nowadays and I have been so moody which I dont know why, maybe because I had gain weight (damn!), maybe because I just started my pms, or maybe I just been toooooo boring and getting crazy if I continue stay at home and still cant get a job.

Sorry you gotta bear to read this post without linking the content each other which I hardly do? I mean who wanna write something that doesnt link when u will confuse others? even teachers or whoever will teach or tell us to write things with story line, in sequence this n tat. Always wanted to be a writer but yet doubt...ya..me...so of course I know...or does it matter?

anyway...back to any topic u think is the beginning...or maybe this is the beginning of the post. I wonder, when can I have a post with the title of Good-bye..n the content will be...I will stop blogging. Well is not impossible at all, cause I'm not like other bloggers have many readers so that they can earn money, or of course, the intention they blog is just that...I dont know..cause I'm not them...what my intention? does it matter?

I mean, frankly speaking...I dont know where am I heading and I dont know how my blog will look like, this is not the way I want but I have to. I know seldom people will wanna read or 'see' ur blog if u have no pictures at all...of course not everyone..but most. That doesnt mean anything offence at all, just that reading too much words or just words sometimes just make our eyes more tired...dont u think so? Defender says :" oh, why there are so many people nowadays are reading bookssss or novels then?" then I will say, cause those are books? books and comin not same right, if u happen to make a comic with words inside, do you think comic fans will just accept that? But who knows right how a blog suppose to be...but for me it seems like it have to be with pictures...even not a pic of urself..anything will do...of course things are relevant is better

so what's my point again, ohya...my point of blogging...lets see

when I wanted to blog consistently, I tell myself I think gonna post something that might interests, or maybe something that people might just stay or come back to read ur stuff, which I can think of is...ur every day life?
ok...this is my problem..I HAVE NO LIFE DUDE...I'm a very homey person (used to be), watching tv or online 24/7...seriously NO LIFE. After I started to blog, it is like there is something I 'gotta' do every day...if u say I am forcing myself to do, well...if u wanna meet ur goal and u gotta do something, will u take it as forcing urself to do? my answer will be...I dont know...I just know...I hope people do read my 'every day life' FIRST...then when I have certain readers, then I will write my own stuff...I mean like views of myself or what I see, or just some lyrics, poems...whatsoever


I know we cant change people mind that, bloggers blog just to earn money so they will want to get more readers. I mean, HELO! who doesnt want to earn extra money...its just the matter of more or less. I like money too, but if compare with my writing stuff, I dont think I will need more than 0.0000001 second to answer u that I CHOSE my writing stuff. Yes...that why I hope more people can read my stuff n comment about it...then I will be happy.


its weird, I suppose to be happy when my blog readers from less than 10 maybe few days averagely until now is 20 per day averagely. Which I wanted to thank to some of my frens which I know are my most readers, and of course some readers that I dont know at all. Yea, u guys een my blog from somewhere else or u just accidentally read my blog. if u happen to be one of the stranger and u read until here. I really sincerely saying thank u to u n pls do leave a comment to let me know who r u...hahaha. ok...enuff of that...well..I suppose to be happy cause my readers had gain although its not many I know right...but to be frank...I am scared. Do u know why, if after u read my answer n u r same with me...pls do leave a comment too cause I really would love to know u cause u r as weird as me :) its a compliment! (just jk)..well..my worries is that...when the readers will be decreasing?

I know I should do something and increase or maintain my traffic, but...I really not so thick face to beg or ask u to read my post. I would love to but sadly I'm not. I also cant leave too much comments on other famous bloggers cause I will feel that I am very annoying. so how...u tell me la

anyway...to my msn or fren readers hor...if u wanna give me comment right..u can leave it here..cause when the time I want to reply ur comment in msn...u have gone liao..at least I do check my blog every day..if u think that will make my traffic higher then just let it be cause while u read and leave comment at the same time..that doesnt make any big diff

to strangers...comments from u guys or from my frens of course are important for me...cause..its to improve myself...but yet I get hurt easily wtf...so..seriously I dont know...hahaha..its on u...as if I gonna scold u if u say something I dont like...I hope I will dare to :p

oh...to people that think I just wan people to leave comments...I have nothing to say to u...cause I cant change ur mind...just to remind if I really so care about the amounts of comments or I pai seh cause no comments for so long, I think I will do something about it long time ago d AND will not telling u that actually I have no comments want..hahaha

whoever u r...think that I am finding excuses for myself n explaining too much for myself...yea..I agree with u..I am sick of it but I just cant stop doing it...damn it


Anonymous said...

Hi, hmm. I'm not sure. but after reading your blog, I think most of the girls are the same.. don't like dead lifes.. but at the same time very homey.. or me i'm lazy... aha. if u come to read this, reply n i'll continue to let u know more. or maybe we can become friends =)

goodluck amelie :)

vOon Amelie said...

thanks for being patient to read the whole broken english post,lol