Sunday, December 28, 2008


I wanna talk bout Titanic...I know I know....some people see Titanic this word will so kolot meh...seriously...I know its kinda old school d la caus is like...11 years ago omg...but really cant deny that they have alot of scenes are still so memorable.

After I watched Titanic...just finished few minutes ago, the feeling this time is totally different compare to last time. Yes...I know is stupid but ok...I did cry...OK I KNOW..whatever u wan to say about me...but is not on those like :' Oh Jack I love you", I love you too Rose', the scenes that I had cried was the one when the accident happened.

Lets compare what is noticable for 11 years ago and what's for now shall we...I mean my point of view la.

Actually hor, I cant really remember...haha...okok...for the 1st time..most memorable wan of cause is

1.when Jack met Rose, they 'pose' at the deck of the ship
2. Jack is doing a potrait of Rose

3. They XXX in the car
4. When the ship sank *FOR SURE*
5. When they are talking while they are freezing to death on the sea

after 11 years...scenes that are memorable for me
1. when the ship sink
2. when the guy turning the clock at 2something...
3. whent the string quarters continue 'performing' when the ship is sinking
4. the plates falls
5. the people that cant escape from no matter from the ship, falling down or bang by stuff

See...big different rite...haha...Dunno is it because I studied film n tv wan, so somehow something is a metaphor for some scenes. Like one of my example...the plates falls...I think that somehow links to others.

When the ship sink, ppl fall and all. It reminds me of Tsunami and September 11. Tsunami is because its the same thing, I mean they cant escape for dying because being bang by those furnitures or whatever its hard. Especially the part when the ship gotta sink totally, some people cant just hold it on up there so they just gotta fall...n got one scene it emphasize on the actor how it fall and hit this big fan (engine)

it just remind me of Tsunami and I feel so sad seeing those as well.

Then september 11, same...I dunno whether all of u know anot but I think u guys know that alot of them try to escape, or should say that they just have no idea what to do d, they jump out from their office. I watched the documentary before, I can tell u..seriously will causu u to tears, if u are interested, the doco names 'Jumping man'. That really...I dunno how to explain the feeling, but is as pain and sad when u watch the similiar scene, when those people just have to jump out from where they are...because they dunno what can do d..

(pic of the jumping man doco)

the string quarters way...its kinda in...for me is kinda like black humour? the whole part of that I just feel 'awwwww....' (tears running in my eyes)

what really hard to tell it 1 by 1...why not u try to watch it again after so many years and tell me? :)

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