Monday, December 29, 2008

belated pre xmas

AT LAST!!! I get to upload this...from yesterday I tried to upload for dont know how many hours like will be taking forever...I waited until 7 in the morning and I gave up..lucikly I get to upload this today, guess the duration cause some prob so I make it to 2 parts for part 1

Ya ya I know new year is coming and xmas been past for few days d...well...we still heard xmas songs n xmas deco around we should watch this as well...hahahaha...pai seh no xmas feel its suitable to post it right now...hehe

hope u guys enjoy...merry belated xmas n happy new year!!

part 1 of part 1

part 2 of part 1


eclips said...

u are getting lazier. how come ur videos all no story script.. all so spotaneous. :)

vOon said...

it is suppose to be without story line wert...its just a celebration :)
n yea...there's no script cause we didnt do any discussion at all cause we planned to shoot right the day just talk :)