Saturday, December 13, 2008

My very first perfume

kinda boring..dunno what to post althought I dont need to post every day...but there are even no shows on tv...sienzzzz

So I decided to start a story of perfume n me...hehe

People who know me long time or last time also know I HATE PERFUME..SERIOUSLY...

I remember before mid of 2007...whenever or wherever I smell perfume, especially at cosmetics floor with many types of perfumes selling either I feel dizzy or I keep on sneeze. So I am not so should say no way I will have perfume. Althought I used deodorant before (pai seh), haha..nivea those la, cause I damn easy get sweat wan..always sweat like a pig thats why I love cold...drink cold..sleep cold...bla bla last time so often have sports activities like basketball, running n so on...kinda boyish so didnt really care

Dunno start from when, but for sure is when I was in Australia studying. Mostly people there use perfume or long they smells good la...but sometimes I really scared those people smells like they put way too much of perfume. So I was like, hey... I think perfume doesnt seems to be so hard to accept since I even like some of the smells.

So one day when I went to K-mart, I decided to look for their deodorant, if not mistaken also because of Australia Next Top Model Season 3, one of the contestant named Jordan had an Impulse deodorant advertisement, which attractcs my attention, so I go there n look-see look-see. Then I was thinking, since I like vanilla smell, I might as well choose the smell. So end up I chose the brand Australis. Pai seh I dont have pics here cause I tried to find but dont have...I didnt know its so hard to find, and I lazy to take the pic then transfer then photoshop (yaya I know I am lazy)...I LOVE like...after u spray d...even after u went out for half day then come back...when u bath still can smell...hahaha

Oopss...kinda out of topic d izit? haha...actually this post I wanna 'show off' my perfume very very first 'branded' perfume...I know nowadays branded stuff is every where..but for me is very very 'special' la cause I hardly buy branded stuff....but I really love this and that time SASA got the fragrance fair thingy goin I bought the perfume

its Vera Wang - princess..omg..sounds n looks so not me...but I didnt want to care la cause I love the smell :P

so much take some pics 1st as memory

without the box...trying to pose like perfume model :p

ok...let it be taken on the proper way

its the ring from the perfume rite!! I
know..haha...the pose is like those aunty trying to show off their diamon ring..

ta daaa ~~ I am so addicted to perfume d...its like totally different person from last time...almost every time will go look for perfume...smell here smell there...then I found out still got alot I XS lah, Chloe lah...............................


elicps said...

yup!!perfumes are quite essential indeed.Different perfumes attract different people .. :) agree?
so far i've used polo sport,cool water,isemiyaki... currently using burrerry and davidoff(echo)but havent spray any lately coz no mood to use them...

vOon said...

I reckon maybe u can search for the smell u like, n smell it...haha..cause not sure bout others, but when I smells the smell I like e.g vanilla...even when I'm not in good mood...but it will suddenly turns better...maybe just smell no need to use them...but I heard ppl say smells too much perfume by using nose is not good...haha