Sunday, December 21, 2008

photoshoot - dress

Yup, another bunch of dress from my frens were wore by us and herself...and we have a new friend here...her name is mei chin...damn hot sexy mama in the house! every gals (OR GUYS) will wanna have her body...wuahaha...why? see it urself :)

ok...habis...continue later :p

OK!! ITS TIME TO DIET! seriously...
I dont think so (somebody must be laffing after I said 'I dont think so :p )...I cant go on diet..just because I cant stop eating...I think my stomach got worms damn it

2 best body..

like took it in the 60's

here come the poser...seriously...I think she can post..cause she really ignore whoevere is around her when she take pic...ITS A COMPLIMENT

but dont know why I felt that this bunch is like photos for mooncake ads...hahaha

what is the prob leh?

I dont think is the models' prob

anyway...we trying to do this 'twirl' thingy...on her

cause her skirt its the easier n nicer to do that based on the material (silk)
but its not easy thou...u see..the pic above can see face but the skirt doenst really look that smooth...but the pic below the skirt twirl quite nice but cant really see the face

nice tak?

at last...end with a pic..selling mooncake...hahahha...jk la

random-random n my gang (cotton rainbow) just shooted something again and I will try to finish the edit hopefully within this week...stay tune ya!

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