Thursday, December 18, 2008

散漫的在雨里 P.S How are you






Wanna smoke now, feel so down.

Whenever I think about my past relationships, I will said I'm such a failure. I give so much, I loved so much, what I get is "you can find someone better than me". Maybe that just an excuse for a guy to say break up. But I should thanks them, because if thay are not the one who said so, I would have going thru a unhappiness life. Also thanks them that taught me it is so important to love myself, and I am still learning.

Unfortunately, whenever I am letting you go, you wouldnt. I will not thank you because you guys just treat me as an ordinary supernormal car that you often drive. Nothing special, just that I will reach your destination when you need me. When you have another new or 'special' car, I'm being ignore by you. You didnt sell me out because to be in case. Just in case, your new car cant use, bring to fix or being steal; you are so sad, you miss it, but I am here. Although it is nothing for hou. Yea, I am the normal one, I am the not being protected one, I am the not being take care of one, there's too many reasons and I only can complain about it. But...I am still here. I will say, dont worry, I am here.

Protect you, make sure you reach you destination safely, make sure you are safety until it is back. It is back, or you have 'someone' else, you are so happy, so take care of it. Yes, you forget about me and run to it, but I am still happy, cause other than reaching you destination, it does makes you more happy compare to me. I am sad, but I smiled.

Relationships that being wish by others are beautiful. Single can be proud to be. Now I know, I have so much unhappiness in me. But...I still will ask you:' How are you?'


the planetatfollowsdearth said...

i'm fine.. :)

vOon said...

hahaha..bull shit u (jkly) :P