Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stay or move on

At last, I get to kick off bout xmas deco n talk bout myself. But then I wanna change to write about another thing for this post..hmm...where should I start from.

Compare with few years ago, there are more n more people simply take pics nowadays. I shouldnt say simply, cause every one might have their reason to take a picture..right?plus digi cam nowadays are so easy to get..some even get digi cam..also no need cin cai take also can

I do have a reason too why I so often take pics. I remember few years ago, when my grandma just passed away not long, I saw a gal's friendster link, with a photo with her grandma. Seriously, I regretted and feel so sad. I wonder why didnt I take more pictures with my grandma when she's still here. So I told myself, from that day on, no matter where, what I'm doing or with who, if I wanna take...then I wanna take...even some situation people will think is cam-whoring..I will not admit it. Because every picture, represent a story. Different minutes or time that you take, there is only once in a life time, example like now I take it on 12.33am u think after 5 minutes I said I wan to take exactly the same pic at the exact time...u think can meh...even u said no need to be exactly the same time, I think wanna have exactly the same pose same frame n wsame everything, I think also hard.

I always said to my frens tat, should take more pics, keep it as memory. It wont harm u. And yea I did have few frens really listened to me and happy with it (sounds till like a doctor) point is...why wanna care because that person is pretty so she will wanna take more, tat person is ugly so no confidence to take. Why the hell we wanna care bout it? as if we gonna take the pics d then post for watever beauty pagent or watsoever. I never think I am pretty and I am someone have no confidence at all....thats why in some situation I still will care how strangers around me think about me. But sometimes I didnt want to care too much d cause I dont wan to be regret like last time.

But of course everything will have pros n cons. But still I will say taking more pics is better than not taking more pics. Like recently I posted some video in facebook, which was taken few years ago..very strange...really very strange...I dunno izit because the video is with my memory quite fresh about this although few yrs pros rite...haha...then I tagged my frens, they cant even recall when or where is that...omg!!! its just like..5 years ago only eh..I dont really watch tat video so much but I remember ma...but ya la...I am someone really really love to live in the past, not to say I only stay in the past and dont want to move on, but I just love to keep memories n memory it. But my gal frens still remember it, so izit guys' punya problem? ok..I think got people say I sexist again..haha..

But seriously...every time after I watched some video that took last time or pics...I feel happier... here I wanna share this stupid n funny video that some cant even recall when and where is that although watched few times..hehe...hope it make u happy...enjoy :) but bear with the pixelation

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